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How do YOU clean your ears?

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Basically a thread about just that, because everyone hates wax on their eartips and foam tips go bad quite quickly.

But wax is healthy... and cotton bud sticks or whatever you know them as are not.

So what do YOU use and why (if applicable)?

Do you get your ear canals washed/syringed regularly?

I use Audiclean which is just a watery solution and squirted into the ear - ear wash as opposed to ear drops. It's supposed to soften wax to make it wash away when you tilt your head to get rid of the ear wash.
It seems to work okay - recommended use is twice a week.

I also use a cotton bud stick to clean the 'rim' of my ear canal and outer ear.

TIP: Dry your ear canals with a hairdryer for a bout 10 seconds (moving while you do it) to prevent crackle when you hear a loud noise - it's water, not wax.

Over to you!
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hydrogen peroxide works too! luckily i dont have as much earwax as some.
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Little finger anyone?
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Originally Posted by Hero Kid View Post
Little finger anyone?
...with a longer nail?
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Screwdriver most of the time, sometimes a thin bladed knife, and occasionally keys when i'm out and about.
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Originally Posted by tamu View Post
...with a longer nail?
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Back to the subject:

my doctor said I should not put anythg in my ears, this includes any fluids or sticks or finger/nails.. Apparently our body is able to get rid of the excess by itself and if it becomes a big problem then the best thing to do is to see a doc. I have %30 loss in one of my ears and I dont want to lose some on the other too..
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One nice thing about China is professional ear cleaning. I don't care what the doctors say, some of the hardened gunk that they warm up and pull out is not coming out on its own. Once every six months to a year or so is enough.

I also use cotton buds carefully around the sides of the ear canals now and then. But not too deep...
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Those little sticks with a little bit of cotton. And also when under the shower I let hot water get in my ears. This makes removal easier
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Until I was about 20, I would have to have my ears flushed out every six months or so because of earwax build up. And then one day, my sweetie at that time introduced me to this little stick-like device with some cotton on the end and told me to clean out my ear canals.....carefully. More than 40 years hence and daily use of that little tool, I have never had to have my ears cleaned out and I have never had any ear or hearing problems.

Of course being very careful when using the device is paramount.

(Not long ago, I went to an audiologist to have impressions made for some JH13s. The audiologist remarked that I have very clean ears. I told her that I have this device for cleaning them and was roundly chided for bad practice especially since I could get cotton deposits in my ears. No amount of explaining that I had been doing this for over 40 years without incident or any damage to my ears impressed her or changed her mind!)
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Originally Posted by syn_fx View Post
Screwdriver most of the time, sometimes a thin bladed knife, and occasionally keys when i'm out and about.
I hope this was sarcasm because that is really dangerous.
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cotton swabs is new to some of you guys?!
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Ear wax drops bought from a pharmacy. Or you might see a Massage Therapist and have them perform something called candling. Quite unique.
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Isn't candling bad for you? I recall an article wich said it was bad. Because of wax of the candles left behind and such
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I use Q-Tips almost daily. Like kiwirugby, when I got impressions done at the audiologist they commented that my ears were very clean but chided me for using Q-Tips. Meh. Basically, as I understand it, the two dangers of Q-Tips are:

1) You can poke your eardrum (Remedy: Be very careful and try to Q-Tip in a controlled environment where you're unlikely to get surprised by something and someone else is unlikely to bump into your arm or something)

2) You can push earwax back further into your ear (Remedy: I try to do a scooping motion where I put the Q-tip down the center of my ear then press it down against one side of my ear canal and pull back out so that I'm scooping earwax out rather than pushing it in. Audiologist said that it didn't look like I was pushing any earwax down into my ear canal, so I suppose so far it has been working).

Then again, I'm no doctor - maybe there are other dangers I should be worried about.
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