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Went to my first rock concert last week. It was Vampire Weekend, Abe Vigoda opened for them and were too loud for me and quite frankly sucked live, so I saw no reason to damage my hearing over nothing. Basically went out to the smoking deck with a friend until VW was ready to come on stage which I find pretty ironic, apparently secondhand smoke is much lower on my list of health risks than insane noise pollution. Even Vampire Weekend had my hearing muffled for a good 10 minutes after the show, but at least they were awesome.

I think most people don't even think about their hearing. I only saw one guy with earplugs in, but I really wasn't looking for them.

What do you guys think about earplugs and concerts? Opinions, discussion, suggestions are welcome. Thinking about getting some ER20's even if they make me look like a dork. Will 20db reduction be enough to prevent hearing damage?
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I used ER20 when I went to Big Day Out (a big music festival type thing with lots of bands and whatnot). When I was at the back of the crowd I didn't feel the need for them but in the moshpit near the speakers or in the rave tent it was most definitely too loud. I just popped them in and the sound was reduced quite considerably.

It was very slightly muffled. Because of this, when an epic band/song was playing (Muse for example) I often ended up taking them out simply because I wanted to feel and hear the music in all its loudness. I suspect if it had been even louder I would have kept them in all the time.

I saw quite a few other people also wearing earplugs so I didn't really feel like a dork. Only kinda. I don't think my hearing was damaged (I didn't experience the ringing which most people seem to get after going to such a concert) so they must have done the job.
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Wow, i didnt know Abe Vigoda could sing. I havent seen him since he was on "Fish" on TV years ago! He was funny

I use Hearos musicians earplugs. They dont ruin the music at all. The lower it just enough and it still is loud enough to enjoy it, but i dont walk out of the concert deaf.
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i wear my er20 whenever i go to indoor venues. the sound diffuses enough at large, outdoor venues.

yeah, i've gotten made fun of once or twice, but whatever.
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I'm a drummer and run sound mixes for music ministries every now and then, so I pretty much always have earplugs on me. I bought a gigantic container of 50 pairs at Wal-Mart for like $10, and they have a NRR of 33 (which may be too much, but better safe than sorry).

The last musical event I wore plugs to was the Mutemath show I attended in Nashville back in November. Me and my friends were pretty close to the front, so I knew that earplugs would be a must; and I'm glad I took them. Even with the plugs in, the house sound was still pretty loud. Fortunately, I walked out of the show with my ears just in good of shape as when I went in; I didn't even have the problem of "dull ears" after walking out. The plugs also helped to kill off a lot of the particularly piercing high frequencies and generally didn't affect the sound too much.

But to be brief, yes: Earplugs are pretty much essential if you go to shows often and want to continue doing so. 20 db should be plenty enough protection for most shows. Happy show-hopping!
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I rarely leave home without a pair, good ones with ~30 dB attenuation.
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I have a pair of Ety ER20s that I keep on my keychain in the little carrying case they come with. Never know when you might need them! I don't use them very often, but they work pretty well in the cases when I have.
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I always use my ER20s when I'm too close to the music. No one can see them anyways because of my hair, but if they could, I still wouldn't care. A lifetime of hearing is much more important than potentially looking silly for a few hours.
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earplugs? lol

I wear earplugs to concerts as much as i wear blindfolds to art museums.
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I have a pair of ER20s I have with me most days. I'm also getting a pair of JH Audio custom earplugs. I don't wear them often, but any time I'm in a loud atmosphere, I have no problem putting them in my ears. Other people can think whatever they want if they see me wearing them. I value my hearing.
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Lol,what's wrong with the ER20 shape?I ordered a pair last week the small and large one and they are yet to arrive.I have sensitive hearing and I plan on using them everywhere especially streets because of car horns and people shouting which make my ear rings most of the time.don't they look like an iem in the ear?
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I have a pair of these:
EarPro EP-3 Sonic Defenders® Earplugs - EP3 from SureFire

Similar idea to the ER20s, but I like the aesthetics, and the structure of the earplug itself, a little more.
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Originally Posted by UNHchabo View Post
I have a pair of these:
EarPro EP-3 Sonic Defenders® Earplugs - EP3 from SureFire

Similar idea to the ER20s, but I like the aesthetics, and the structure of the earplug itself, a little more.
Oh, those look pretty cool. Can anyone compare these with the ER20s?
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Originally Posted by ForgottenxxRebel View Post
earplugs? lol

I wear earplugs to concerts as much as i wear blindfolds to art museums.
Yeah, cuz its better to be cool man.

What???? What???? Huh???? Talk LOUDER!!!!! What????
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The art museum analogy is a bad one...since the art does not produce its own light (in most cases), it only reflects the sunlight or artificial light. Would you not wear sunshades if it is bright out? At the very least you would squint your eyes when it was too bright, no?
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