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KShaft, I too was suprised that the Zu would help the bass out on the 600's but not the 650's which I no have better bass to begin with. OTOH, the equinox lets tons of mid-bass slam, and extintion through with the HD650. By far the best bass I've heard(and the most) of any phone I've had so far. I just find the upper regions lacking with the equinox. This is all using either the SDS or the gilmore amps with either the Shanling w/mods or the Audio Aero CDp's. I would not have found the Zu lacking if I didn't know what kind of bass the 650's are capable of. Can you get your money back on the Zu's? I would suggest trying the equinox. Good luck.
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I am in agreement with you KShaft, I think they may have to reengineer the cables for the 650. The equinox I tried was very good but it seemed to make the treble stick out to much to me, but I am no doubt more sensitive to this than most. I ended up liking the stock cable better even though its clearly inferior in some respects. If the Zu is more trebly with the 650 I know I wont like it. One thing I noticed though Tom, was your singlepower has the highest resolution I have ever heard and it reveals everything. The sheer amount of detail your amp can present is stunning; most amps dont approach what your amp can do.You may also find the Zu's bass sufficient because the singlepower seems to go to the bowels of the earth deep in the bass too.
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Thanks for the reply Tom and SL.

When I first started breaking it in it had Much bass. Now its weak.

It could be a break in phase, but your talking about the 600s pounding makes me wonder. Whats wierd is that its a step BACKWARDS from the stock cable. Not as much of an improvement as Id like, but BACKWARDS. Its less musical right now as well. Probably good when I get the supra back(this one is a step up from my previous one says Mikhail, If not Ill send it to him and get those uber caps in the output or power supply).

The treble is definately more emphisised on the zu thus far.

If the red dragon improves it slightly, it will be good enough Id say(bass I mean), but the comment on the incredible bass with the equinox has me drooling.

Thanks again,
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KShaft, you bought the SDS? If so, good buy. Tom's is great. I thought about it but with a four year old and two nosey cats I didnt want flesh hanging from the tubes.
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hehe. I can understand. I keep my nephews away from it passionately(supra and cary when I had it).
I bought immtbikers and talked to Mikhail about it. I was going to buy a new supra prototype thats built up to high heaven. He said Immtbikers is close, and a step above my old supra. I thought my old one too tubey.

Well see how it goes!
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I have recently been playing with all the cables with the HD650 and there are some very disctinct differences.

The Moon Audio Silver Dragon almost completely transforms these phones. They sound expansive and have great tonality. Everything that I like about these phones is enhanced and most of the things I did'nt like are pretty much banished. This is still the cable to beat and is the cable I dare any cable skeptic to try.

The Equinox is nearly as good with great dynamics and even better balance. The great balancing act the Equinox performs on the HD600 is better still with the HD650. Bass is tightened nicely and treble and midrange are brought into the proper perspective.

The Mobius is fantastic as well and has killer bass. The bass with these phones and this cable combo may be the best headphone bass there is. Use this cable with one of the great solid state amps and feel the beat. Treble is still a bit more hairy than I like but it's not bad. The midrange is very good and voices are very realistic.
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I second that the Mobius is fantastic with HD650 but have only compared to stock cable. For those who may be interested, I have written down some early impressions in the "I've got the HD650" thread (under Headphones).
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My experience is much different. The zu is weaker than the stock cord right now on my 650s. The 650s have about 200 hours on them and the zu about 100. Its not the fabled "tighter yet not as strong" "worse" the stock cable goes lower and is just as tight and louder.

I need the supra Im getting soon to see what will be best. It might change the tonality amongst other things.

Im probably gonna try the equinox as well side by side.

Im continuing to break in the mobius with some Ray Bryant trio
cuts so it should be more than ready when the supra gets here.

Post comparisons (short) soon.

p.s. Thanks for the impressions Tubes and Anders!

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Thanks for such an awesome review Tuberoller. I ordered a 15' Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable for my soon to arrive HD650's. I'm also going to try Moon's Silver Dragon speaker cable as well. Can't wait!!!!!
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This really should be in the "featured reviews" section of this forum...
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Just curious, Tuberoller (or anyone else), why don't you like the Cardas cable? Would it be worthwhile to upgrade to the Moon Audio Blue Dragon?
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Originally posted by vrao81
Just curious, Tuberoller (or anyone else), why don't you like the Cardas cable? Would it be worthwhile to upgrade to the Moon Audio Blue Dragon?
Tuberoller seemed to kind of touch on why he doesn't like it in the review:

I'm still trying to find a way to enjoy the Cardas cable in my system. It always seems to sound pretty good when I hear it in other systems and at the meets but it just lets me down at home. The Treble extension can only be called fair and the midrange seems a mile away compared to the Equinox,Silver Dragon and Mobius. It has good bass but it suffers from mediocre extension. It has very good seperation of instruments throughout the entire frequency and this is why I think most people like it so much and why it sounds good at shows.

I once owned the Cardas but traded it for the Equinox and personally much prefer the Equinox. The Cardas is a good cable but my impressions of it are very similar to what Tuberoller has described. The Equinox is more balanced, fuller and more refined sounding. Seems like it has deeper bass too, and a really smooth and a bit more forgiving treble.
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I have the equinox and mobius.

Lets just say the mobius has reclaimed its former low freq reputation. Must have been the amp holding it back some how.

Im gonna get a sacd mods ce-775 soon. Ill compare the two more in detail after it warms up for a day or so. It should get here tommarrow!

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KShaft: Mine too. I sold the equinox and I'm keeping the Zu. I think mine just needed more hours on it. With the SDS and KenRad tubes the Zu had even to much bass. I'm back to three Sylvanias and I'm in headphone heaven. The highs have opened up also, this combo(Hd650/Zu) is a very good headphone pairing. The best headphone experience I've had so far. BTW, Hows the Singlepower amp?
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hehe. we spoke too soon I guess.

This new amp is somewhat better.

Its more transparent and faster, and the bottom end sounds much more solid stateish(ie tight and and impactful).

Im using a dv-09 as a source right now, I think the moded ce-775
will be somewhat better in all areas.

Right now, the midrange is a bit harry, Just as Tuberoller describes it, a little foreward and cold. The equinox has the better mids right now(tonality wise). I may try the moon audio cables too. Im trying to get a clearer picture of how they sound in comparison from Tuberoller. Ill see if he replies(I pmed him).
But first Ill hook up the ce-775 and see how it goes.

Too much bass? huh? Im gonna try those ken rads now(ive got some hanging around...) right now im using rca grey glass vt-231 for a driver, and tubemanus 1952 sylvania navy 6sn7gt's.

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