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im also wonderin how the shures stack up against the ultimate ears triple fi 10's?

which is better for hip hop/rap and rnb?

which has the better isolation?

also which cable cord is stronger so i don't have to send it is for repairs? (I take extreme care of my things)



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I like the sound of my 530s, but I *dis*recommend them due to their cables.

Supposedly they will replaced soon with 535s which have a detachable cable. I suggest you pass on the 530s and get the 535s or something else.

At this point I wouldn't get a premium IEM that does not have a detachable cable.

I'd look at the Westone UM series, or Ultimate Ears or a inexpensive custom if it were me.

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thx for the comment ccfood but has any1 tried both shure and ultimate fi?

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SE530 is great for isolation and solid for sound, but as another poster said above, the cables are REALLY fragile.

  I BABIED mine and they lasted about a year before breaking at the earphone connection points (luckily repaired under warranty).

   For that reason alone you might want to look into the durability of the TF10 or others...

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Yes, I've tried both (TF10 and SE530) and so have a lot of people. Of the two, I would go for TF10 (UE TripleFi 10) overall and definitely for your musical genres.

The only possible downside of the TF10 is the fit - not really for very small ears. It has a removable cable and you could get a TF10 quite cheap.


However, have you looked into others - Westone 3, Monster Turbine series and IE8 would all be excellent for your genres. Shure SE530 wouldn't be as good as any of these.

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k so im probably gonna go with the ultimate ears triple fi but when i went on amazon i was confused as to which version to get. There are 3 versions that i found which are the original, pro, or vi. I was just wonderin if there's any difference between any of them?

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