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IEM for ipod

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At the moment I need a new IEM that can replace my AKG 324p. I will be using my ipod with music thats all hip-hop/rap and rnb. I also rip my music in AIFF if that helps. The three headphones i'm considering at the moment are Shure SE530, Sennheiser IE 8, or the AKG K 390 NC. I'll also need great isolation as i'll be riding the bus alot. Any suggestion on which IEM to get?

PS. any suggestions about other IEM's are welcome

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After awhile of reading head-fi, I can safely say that the majority of head-fiers will tell you that Shure's isolation is top-notch.
Not sure about SQ, but you did mention isolation, so there's something you can work with.
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Isolation on IE8 is not good, as it's open can design. You should consider other alternatives, check out the links:
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Shure SE530 offer great isolation and it has great midrange so different instruments really shines. But new JVC FX700 maybe better for these genres because it has deep reverbing bass, detailed midrange and clean extended highs with much wider soundstage(fun to listen) than Shure SE530. Sennheiser IE8 also great IEMs for these genres with huge soundstage and they sound fun but both(IE8, FX700) has little less isolation than SE530. So my recommendation willbe FX700 or IE8 for fun to listen and not yet miss any details. BTW when music plays you will not notice much noise audible with these two.
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thx for the replies but i was just wonderin if any1 has tried the AKG P 390 NC? I need the best isolation so i guess Sennheiser's out the window. Now it boils down to the Shures or Akgs.
Also how does the Shures sound with hip hop/rap?
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I really like my IE8's for rap/RnB, but if you're going to be on the bus a lot, it may not be the IEM for you. I flew to Los Angeles over spring break and while on the plane, I found that I had to turn my ipod much much louder w/ the IE8's than I normally have to (I normally listen to about 50% on my ipod, but on the plane, I had to turn it to about 80% to hear the music.) It seemed like it was to a level that would damage my hearing, so I decided to simply not listen to anything at all while on the place ride. If I were to go on another flight and really wanted to listen to music, for sure I will buy another set that isolates better.
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I really wouldn't consider noise cancelling headphones for isolation. Good iem's that are closed should have much better isolation.
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To me SE530 works fine with any genre music include rap, hip/hot, R&B and it's isolate better.
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what's your budget?
Also why AIFF......

ALAC is a better option because of tagging and even better is 192kbps AAC (better than 320kbps CBR mp3), as that's very close to lossless.
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my budget is around $300.
I rip in AIFF to get the full cd quality.
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Originally Posted by beatmaker234 View Post
my budget is around $300.
I rip in AIFF to get the full cd quality.
You can achieve that with ALAC (Apple Lossless) and have tagging as well. Also on an iPod, it's a waste of battery life and disk space to have lossless on a portable device and you will not be able to tell the difference between ~192kbps AAC and AIFF or ALAC.

Maybe the Monster Pro Copper:

MONSTER TURBINE PRO IN-EAR EARPHONES COPPER EDITION - eBay (item 270557610535 end time Apr-04-10 18:25:17 PDT)

Don't worry cuz it's Monster, Head-fi, particularly it's in-ears forum, have very little bias towards any brand, both positive and negative bias. These are the real deal, Monster can actually make a decent product. There's a huge thread about it down the page or here:

Tbh, I frequent alot of the subforums and I do feel that the in-ears forum is the least bias of them all on Head-fi.
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e-Q7 or se530.
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se530, mtpc/mtpg westone 3, klispch custom3 eq7 tf10 w/mtf tips all isolate very well
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You could also consider customs - either a custom TF10 (which adds maybe $100 to the cost) or a pair of budget customs like livewires.
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The SE530s have very good isolation which you would like, but given the genres you listen to, you might want a set with a little more bass since the EQ on the iPod isn't that great so you won't be able to compensate. The SE530s don't have rolled off, or recessed bass by any means, but it is flat, tight, and accurate all the way down with no particular frequency emphasis.

That may actually be what you like though. I don't listen to much of those genres and I'm just generalizing from stereotypes.
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