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Dear Acolonna,


Wow! Can't wait to grab it promptly.


Erm... not a good speaker for pop songs? But i am not really mind cause i didn't adjust the volume of bass. I feel satisfy as long as got bass.


But have you tried the Focal-xs before? I read some reviews, people willing to change the MM1 to Focal-xs, but not from Focal-xs to MM1.


MM1 so sexy and classy, i think i really need to visit store and take a look by myself but worry that couldn't test them well.

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Dear Acolonna,


Here is the youtube link pertaining to Focal-xs, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPzfmwqIFJI&NR=1


Please give your reviews on it though the sound is playing through your MM1 speakers but it is amazing if sound is still good via recording.


Thanks. :)


But the way, the right panel speaker of MM1 would be hot?

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Any ideas of the mentioned subject? I need expert to review on it. Thanks man.

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Late to the party, but wanted to add that I loved the MM-1, but love my Focal XS even more (had 2). The MM-1 is fantastic, but really needs a sub.

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Dear Audiogamma,


Aiks... i bought the Mm-1 already. But i loved them too!


Never try the Focal-xs 2.1 speaker.


Hopefully users can get to compare these two speakers which are B&W MM-1 and Focal-xs 2.1 speakers before they make purchasing on them.


If u are not a "Big head" about Bass quality, B&W MM-1 will definitely blow your mind away!

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Glad you like the MM-1s. I did as well, but 80% of my listening is to EDM, so I really need a sub. I would rate the MM-1 and Focal DACs highly, but I feel that the MM-1 DSP tech is boosting the low-end that is limited. The physics of a 3" cone are a b*tch. I felt the MM-1 bass sounds unnatural and boomy past half-volume.


It's really a computer audiophile solution as had been stated repeatedly. If you want to fill a small room you're better off with an Apogee One or Duet feeding some active monitors or AE5s, but the MM-1s are very nice for listening while computing.

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Anyone hearing loud hiss from their MM-1s?

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For me no problems at all.


Are you connecting the MM-1 to apple laptop?

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I just retired my MM-1's to the bedroom computer and picked up the Focals XS 2.1.  Must say, over all the focals may not be as detailed and balanced at low volume as the B&W.  But overall the XS sound great for the $$.  Both great speakers, but the MM-1's do get hit to the limits sometimes when you want to jam up that old tune on your desk.  The Focals work better for most of the time use.

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Yape, agreed.


Though i own the MM-1, i have heard the Focal XS 2.1. The Sound Quality is great. Both are great PC speakers. 

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Hey off topic here but how strong is the headphone amp in the B&W mm-1's?

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I've recently realized I'd probably like to have some decent near field speakers for my iMac 27" computer. God help me but I'm auditioning the Bose Soundlink bluetooth system with the Macbook Pro in my office, and tried them with my iMac.There are occasions I've found I don't want to don the headphones ;)


My home rig is in a bedroom which is above a family room, so I don't want too much much bass. I thought about the Bose 2.1 system, but I'm not sure if I'd like the "everywhere" sound or the full thump of a mini-subwoofer. I do like a good solid soundstage. I'm a former Pro Ac speaker owner.


My headphone rig is a Senn. 650, and B&W P5's, PS Audio GCHA, and  an older model Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. I'm using the optical out on the iMac and RCA between the DAC and the headphone amp. I'm reporting on this so you know my tastes. Oh, I'm using AIFF ripped CD's.


I'm torn between the B&W MM-1, and Audio Engine's A2 or A5 or the Focals. Would it be mistake to go with the B&W  MM-1 when I've got a decent DAC that could feed some powered desktop speakers? Like I said I want near field speakers. I'm into jazz, blues, older rock, and indie. Budget is about $600.00 tops.

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Since you got a decent DAC, B&W mm-1 and Focal xs2.1 are not a good choice for you.


Better go for A5 or Aktimate mini, heard that aktimate mini is better than A5...



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Thanks for the advice. The Akimates were not on my radar. I'm busy reading reviews now.

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actually if you don't want a sub woofer, and don't use your decent DAC, the MM-1 is a great choice.

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