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[Amateur Review] Audio Technica (CK10,CK90PRO,CK100), Monster (Turbine Pro Gold, Miles Davis), Ortofon e-Q7 - Page 5

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this is one of the best, most interesting comparison/reviews i have read on Head-Fi... kudos to rawrster
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Nice review! May I ask why exactly the md's are poor in build quality? I'm a little confused as I've been told that they have pretty high quality just like the rest of the turbine pro range? I know you mentioned the cable but could you please tell me in more depth? Thanks!
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I didn't expect to see this thread come back up.


Put any earphone next to a CK10 or CK100 and in comparison their build is crappy. That being said the cable on the MD's is horrible for reasons that I have stated. It's microphonic, retains lots of memory and just feels cheap imo.

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ahaha sorry to bring up an old thread though unlike many people I actually use the search button :P ah fair call. Would you say the MD's are better than the golds when listening to heavy metal/screamo?

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I don't listen to either so I wouldn't know. However neither the MD's or the Golds are that fast which I believe is something they need? Well they aren't slow either but at this price level there are other earphones that are much faster. Although another thing to consider is sound signature. IMO I find that if you have an earphone that suits your signature genre doesn't matter really. If you have to pick a Monster earphone the Coppers might be better if I have that genre correct but take this with a grain of salt as I don't listen to those genres. I will say that out of those three the MD's and Golds are the ones I enjoyed the most with MD's probably on top in enjoyment for me.

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Ah okay thanks, nooo I'm open to any alternatives, I was actually thinking about the Triple.fi's and IE8's though apparently IE7's are better for what I mainly listen to so that's really not worth it for me, though the triple.fi's I'm just scared about the damn cables, Also I got offered $340 USD for MD's inc shipping to AUS same price for coppers so i figured why not go for MD's? and this is from world-wide stereo (place where i got my ie7's) and an authorised dealer thus life time warranty thats definitely a ++++ for me, since well lets just say accidents happen to me more often than normal people haha.


What would you reccomend for me rawrster? thanks again for the reply realy appreciate it.

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I'm not sure tbh. Metal is not a genre I listen to or really know much about. I also do not know your preferences really. The Coppers are the fastest of the 3 Monster earphones and also have the most emphasis on treble compared to the other two but somewhat boring in comparison as they somewhat go away from the Monster house signature and more neutral compared to the other two. They still are north of neutral in bass however but while they are good they were a bit strange. I'm not a fan of the TF10 really. I'd probably create a new thread to ask for suggestions as I don't listen to metal but others here do and have heard these earphones as well.

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Ah okay thanks, yeah I'd prefer a little more bass than neutral and if i had to give up some treble for bass i'd do it biggrin.gif

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Nice review setup.  It's a fun mix.


...you make me want to buy the Ortofons.

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heh...I had to go to the first page to remember what my setup was when I did this review smily_headphones1.gif


The Ortofon e-Q7 is a good earphone and I liked them a lot. They definitely are in top 4 in enjoyment of all the earphones I've owned. The only thing I didn't like was the housing had a larger diameter which made my ears sore once in a while and the nylon cable. Their sound was very good and I enjoyed my ownership of them. If only I had the budget to keep every earphone I've owned.

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Great comparative review, thanks again rawster. As an owner of the MD Tributes and e-Q7 (and a former/probably future owner of the CK10), I agree with almost all of your impressions of the three. The one area I would disagree is in regards the MD's soundstage. It is the best I have heard out of my best rig (iMod>Vcap4,7uF>Arrow) in many areas, but especially soundstage; to me it has real concert-hall quality when called for, but also can be quite intimate in a "back of the jazz club" kind of way if that was the intention of the mix. For this reason mainly, it is the first IEM that I prefer to the e-Q7. I think that it may have something to do with the Vcap dock, the Ortofons just didn't scale up with it.

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That is quite interesting. Maybe there's something special in synergy with that rig you have. Can you try different sources with both and see if the sound stage is reproduced like with your best rig? It's been quite a while since I heard the MD but they definitely were not as good as the e-Q7 to my ears in sound stage. Of course if the MD's do scale up better then it may have something to do with the rig I had at the time since I believe it was a fuze, and uDAC as my sources and they have changed quite a bit since.


I'd say you should get another CK10 :) I've been toying with the idea of getting another one but can't put up close to $300 for something I can't see myself using as often as my customs since I'm planning on getting a 2nd pair in the near future. That money could be better spent on a pair of open headphones and then eventually an amp and then a better dac but the non headphone purchases is still pretty far off.

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I think is has something to do with the oversize capacitors in the Vcap but like you said more research is needed. I should be getting my new MDs any day now, the used pair I tried had to be returned to the seller because it had an intermittently bad driver (part of the bad batch), and Monster's warranty while excellent is not transferable. Luckily Monster themselves put them on sale for the holidays right after that. But they were magic in my rig, and I can't wait to re-create that and make some more comparisons to the e-Q7.


I really liked the CK10 out of my Nokia, just wish it was a bit more sensitive as I was usually maxxed out on it since I will not put an amp (unless I can discover a non-iDevice E3) on my Music Phone. The Nokia's signature matched up quite well with the CK10 though, it really smoothed out their highs. I have decided that they were probably loud enough with it in hindsight, and I really liked the form factor so yeah I miss them. They would almost disappear in my ear canal and let me sleep on my side with them, the only other IEM like that for me has been the RE1. The two play in different SQ leagues though; also the RE1 needs an amp to just sound decent.


So I will someday re-acquire the CK10 but the one I really want to try now is the FX700; it's gonna be a while as I can relate to the budget not keeping up with the hobby!

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Thank you for the great review.


I am waiting for a pair f CK10s and I have to say reading the review only made me happier.

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Great review.Just great.

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