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RE0's + cMoy 2.02BB

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First time posting, long time lurker.

I just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to the world of headphones. Started with Apple Buds > V-Moda Bass Freq > CX300s > HD 555s > RE0's > RE0's w/ foam mod. Strangely enough, I started to like highs more than lows the more I lurked in these forums, bass != quality.

Anyways, I had money and I looked for an upgrade from RE0's. I saw some rankings in one of these IEM threads, and saw that I had to invest $200 - $300 for an upgrade. Looking at the dent in my wallet already from my IEM / headphone collection, I decided to get an amp. I decided to splurge and get a JDS Bass Boost cMoy 2.02 for $70 as opposed to a iBasso or $100+ amp.

I'm a teenager, so I'm into the R&B mainstream music. Yes, I listen to rap / r&b on my RE0's unamped, I'm satisfied with the bass. It's the mids + highs that defines sound quality IMO. With the cMoy, the RE0's gained a HUGE noticeable increase in the low ends. The mids and highs were left alone, and I felt that they also had a slight increase in "quality." Soundstage stayed the same, it became a little bit forward, and it gained little bit more energy overall.

I'm satisfied with my purchase, and I think that the $70 was well spent as opposed to my other amps ((COUGH FiiO E1 + E5)).

Cheers Head-Fi.
Oh wait, I'm not old enough, haha...
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I also use the RE0 + CMoy BB v2.02 combo as my main setup and I greatly enjoy it as well. It's amazing how well the CMoy BB and its titular bass boost functionality accentuates the RE0s, giving the low end more oomph as well as improving the already great dynamics and energy of the RE0s.

One thing, the soundstage does seem to improve a bit in my experience when they're amped with the CMoy.

Welcome to Head-Fi by the way. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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Another fan of the zeroes. Welcome to the club, homie.
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I'm a little confused. You say you are a long time lurker but you only joined in April 2010? o.0
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Thanks for the welcomes.

I never found the need to register because you can access the entire forum unregistered. I only registered this month to see other people's portable rigs so that I can get an idea of how to do mines.
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change the input caps to oscon and opamp to OPA2227 and it's rocking =)
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but i thought jds use OPA2227 all these while no?
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I use the same combo, but add the attenuator from my TF10s. Seems crazy, I know, adding 100-ohm in line with a 60-ohm phone, but I like the sound! Increased soundstage and even cleaner bass.

I also thought that OPA2227 was in there and have been wondering if I should try a different opamp...
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IDK, I DIY'ed mine so I was playing around with a few opamp.
Found OPA2227 the best fit, unless you like punchy bass then AD823a was quite crunchy.

Rolled a few caps too, and found oscon to be most transparent of it all.
Didn't really like Wima, sounded too warm for my taste.
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It's amazing how fun sounding these guys are with a decent bass boost. I just wish the iPod had a custom EQ...
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I was trying to decide between the CMoyBB and the PA2V2.  I have RE0's, Hippo VB, Image S4i, and HF3's so I think I'll give the CMoyBB a try.  It will be my first amp ever and if it improves the sound enough then I could see this becoming a lifelong hobby.  My wallet is already getting a bit scared.  I think I will wait until Christmas time to make the purchase to find out how much the c421 is and whether or not its available.  I have been reading a lot lately about different setups and for the price this new amp looks like it could be great.  I look forward to the reviews once its out.

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In all honesty I think ultimately I will end up getting the CMoyBB since it costs less.  I have heard nothing but good things about it and I think I will be able to use it for some time before feeling the need to upgrade it.  Hopefully by them I will have more money available for such things.  From what I have read, the CMoyBB seems to have the most bang for the buck among similarly priced amps.  I hope this amp makes a good enough impression on me to warrant a longer journey into this expensive hobby.

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