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I went to the JH Audio recommended audiologist to get impressions done for my JH-16s. 


Carol Jardine-Lau

Sound idEars, Hearing and Speech Therapy
750 West Broadway Avenue, Suite 1212
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1J2
Fax: 604/708/9785


The receptionist told me it wasn't going to be the actual audiologist doing it, but someone else who usually does impressions (there was term for her, but I forget now).  I said as long as she's the one who was recommended by JH Audio, then that's great.  It was only $50, and she was very nice.  They used the cotton dams as recommended, and she had me do an open mouth impression.  There wasn't a bite block, but that didn't seem to be a big deal.  At the end she asked me to open and close my mouth a couple times (I imagine to loosen the impressions).


I've gotten my JH16s back, and the right one is a 100% perfect fit and let left one is probably 90%.  It's so close that I probably won't bother sending it back.  If my ears are wet from getting out of the shower, and I'm walking it makes a popping suction sound.  This mostly goes away when my ear is completely dry, though I still get it a little bit.  She also told me if I needed new impressions for a refit, it would be free.  I'd definitely recommend them for Vancouver (a couple other places were $100).

I also highly recommend this audiologist I just walked in their door today and had a impression done in like 10 minutes without an appointment, they changed the location now and the new place is actually in oakridge mall third floor suite 304, i don't think there is any place cheaper than this as it was only $30 for both ears and she was very nice and friendly as well. And like cegli said if you need new impressions for a refit it would be free.


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My audiologist did a great job but my custom ear molds from Sensaphonics needed a round-tripper. But they nailed it on the second attempt. I was asked to complete a brief description on fit & finish. They found this helpful.


So good was the seal, it took 48 hours before I got use to stairs, the subway and uneven walkways without a slight loss of balance. biggrin.gif

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For future reference:

Just quoted me $100 for both ears, or $50 per ear.

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Hey guys, anybody in vancouver get impressions recently?


Got quotes from a couple places,

Sound idEars as mentioned earlier is only $30 for both ears, but unfortunately they open 9-5 which is my exact working hours


Also found simple hearing solutions in burnaby, $50 for both ears and also 9-5, but the audiologist i chatted with over the phone was very nice, and offered to stay late and let me pop in after work. Also, he personally uses custom IEMs which i thought was pretty cool!


Anyone have had any expereinces with these places, or other audiologists around vancouver?

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