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mp4nation shipping

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Has anyone else had any issues with shipping from mp4nation? I ordered something from them about a month ago, and while I'm a pretty patient person, it's starting to worry me a little bit. Does it normally take over a month to get something from Hong Kong, or is this abnormal?

I've sent in a few support tickets to them, but there hasn't been any response beyond a "we're looking into this" message which frankly looks like an automated response.

Anyone else have experience with this?
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I can't answer your question but is this the right sub forum to post this in?
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60 days is my personal record for shipping from mp4nation. I'd just keep opening support tickets.
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They are slow yes. Also their gadgets that costs a few bucks as add ons haven't worked when they came in new.

Oh forgot to mention, that the stuff you order do come - just not ontime.
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Originally Posted by ljokerl View Post
60 days is my personal record for shipping from mp4nation. I'd just keep opening support tickets.
Alright thanks, it helps to know this isn't unusual. I suppose I won't be ordering from them again, but at least I know it should be coming. I'll keep opening tickets till it gets here or an actual person responds.
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around 2 months too in my record
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anyone have bad experience with EMS with Mp4nation? how long did it take?

and how long is free shipping from house of dap?
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I ordered something in June and didn't wait too much to get it but were missing some items from the order. After complaining they sent them (I was told) beginning of August. As of now end of Nov I did not get them. Also in that order was a sflo2 player which was defective so that they told me to send it back for repair. I sent it July 15, as of now they say that they did not receive it. A $200 order down the river. I complained also on their forum, my message was removed!

But I had other orders which got in time. I do not blame directly them, could be the HK post, I don't think that canada post is "loosing" items. Just a note, the sent back pack was not tracked (It would cost 30% of the whole player), neither what they sent me (missing items) was not tracked.

Honest seller anyway, they are selling good quality products (with exceptions), read the forums before buying anything.

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Yeah, it's HK airmail, I wouldn't expect wonders. The FiiO I ordered from them didn't take too long (only 2-3 weeks I think) but other HK items I've ordered have taken a while. So, in short, if you really need something from HK, EMS it, otherwise it may be a while.

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I just want to add that they resent me the whole order a few minutes ago. That's very nice!

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Wow - is this just for Standard Included Shipping?


My last order, I upgraded to the EMS Express service and I got my Sflo2 within days.


Though I guess HK to AUS is pretty convenient.

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Happened to me too, ordered Soundmagic PL30 in mid october and they were delivered after 1 month. They usually provide a tracking number and it said that the IEM had transited in Hong Kong 20 days after they were shipped, so it's probably the Hong Kong mail service that is slow. 


However the Brainwaz took only a couple of weeks, I guess you just have to be lucky or patient.

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I ordered the m1's before they went off sale, they supposedly shippeda couple weeks ago, but HK Airmail tracking has no info.  Not super worried - yet.  The Indeed I ordered from eBay arrived about 2 weeks or so after shipment.

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Oh dang. I ordered M2s a few days ago as a Christmas present. It would be kinda nice if they got here by then...

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it'll get there eventually... if you're on a time schedule should pay extra for the EMS. i got the m3 on preorder said it was mailed out 2 wks ago ,but hongkong post tracking doesn't even say anything.

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