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Best portable amp for boosting bass?

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I have been researching this for a while and haven't been able to find any concrete information on which amp ,or even brand for that matter, that is known for boosting bass. I know that RSA and iBasso seem to be the choice of many on this forum but I have yet to purchase an amp and want to be sure that I get the right one for my needs. Currently, I own the IE8, TBP Golds/Tributes, Westone UM3X, Hippo VB/Shroom-i and the Beats by Dre Studios (I know most of you hate these...). Anyways, I have been able to get a sound out of each of these IEM's that I really enjoy on my computer but have yet to recreate this on the go. I only have an iPhone 3G-S & iPod 160G, I am thinking about upgrading to another PMP (Cowon or something) but am not sure if that will be enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best set-up to help me boost the bass of my current IEM's? For the IE8 specifically I have to max the bass and decrease the dB to -10 to get the sound I want on iTunes. Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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Your idea for a Cowon DAP is a good one. I really like the sound enhancement options on my i7 & i9. The only portable amp that I currently own which has bass boost is the Practical Devices XM5. It boosts 100 Hz 6 dB.
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i think the caffeine amp does a great job with bass boost without overdoing it.
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There are two bass boost settings on the Headstage Arrow.
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It sounds like the kind of bass boost you're looking for will be best accomplished with an EQ rather than the bass boost of an amp. I'm not an expert by any means, but in my experience and from most of what I've read on this forum, the bass boosts on amps are generally subtler than you seem to want (in the 3 to maybe 6db range.) Based on how you adjust your iTunes EQ, I think you'll be left wanting more if you only use an amp's boost or the default bass boost on the iPhone or Classic.

I agree with GreatDane that Cowon might be a good option to consider.
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iBasso T3
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lisa III, FiQ, voyager
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Lol fiio e3 is like a $10 bass boost.
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Originally Posted by grokit View Post
There are two bass boost settings on the Headstage Arrow.
+ 2
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Yeah I should probably get a new PMP before investing money in an amp, I am just a little too attached to my Apple products....Is iMod a better investment or should I upgrade to a Cowon?

I have looked at both the Arrow, XM5 and T3, was kinda leaning towards the Arrow because of how much more portable it is. You would think the T3 would be amazing for bass i mean the frickin' company is named iBasso.... but who knows. I've called RSA and they say the best amps they make for bass are the SR-71A, Hornet, or P51. But who knows, I have asked people on this forum who own those and it seems that they are somewhat "neutral" amps. Also, is it really worth it to get ALO cables? I mean they are nearly $200 and it seems that they are overpriced but Ken Ball really had me going on them.

@ qusp: I will have to look into the lisa III, FiQ, and voyager. Thx
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In case you haven't stumbled upon this...search for DAPs that support Rockbox firmware.

The EQ in Rockbox is VERY good. Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware
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unfortunately you probably wont have any luck with the FiQuest, as although its a fantastic and and there is interest in another round, the proprietor seems to be a bit slack. I bought in the first round and its the best of those 3 IMO, especially after I modded it with vishay naked R's and mundorf MKP caps in the bass and gain section.

FiQ and Lisa are also very natural sounding and dynamic amps, but they have bass control if you feel like making it a bit more fun with certain more dry sounding cans
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What about the Nationite S:Flo2, it seems to have a great amp and EQ capabilities. If that is not enough the Arrow seems like a great deal and very portable.
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XM4 is very affordable and have bass boost that goes well with headphones like AD700 or K701. Also you can roll the opamp.
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Generally amps give you bass gets you tighter, better defined bass, not necessarily more.... What exactly are you trying to do there? Drummer who can't hear the drums? Your headphones not sounding enough like a club?
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