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Fischer Audio Eterna - holy crap

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I recently grabbed a pair of these from another forum member. For a $60 earphone, I wasn't expecting anything outstanding despite ClieOS's Sonic Diamond award and high SQ ranking. I was actually pretty blown away with these things, and this isn't just $60 blown away. I've used most of the top end universals like the IE8, SE530, Triple.Fi 10, UM3X, and a bunch of other high end universals like the RE252, CK10, Custom 3, and ER4S. Even so, these buggers impress me.

I started viewing the Eterna expecting to find at least a couple major faults. I've been toying with it for a couple days so far, and frankly there isn't much I can say bad about them. The biggest gripe I have is that the cord is sort of stiff and doesn't like to lay over the ear well without snugging up the slider under the chin. That's pretty much the worst thing it does, lol. Frequency response is excellent, digs really low with good visceral capability and the treble is fully capable up to the limits of my hearing (15kHz-16kHz).

It can use a small amount of EQing. A quick run through with pink noise, I ended up putting a wide cut of about 4dB centered around 200Hz between 50Hz-1kHz, added a narrow 3dB bump around 1.4kHz, and shallow 2dB cut across 4kHz to 12kHz. This largely balanced out the presentation.

The sound stage and placement of sounds is excellent. You get a very good sense of pinpoint location and good sense of distance. Depth sounds appropriate, although it's not massive like a few earphones, nor is it overly closed in.

Presentation is clean and quick, perfectly transparent, and with good separation of sounds. Bass is a dominant factor in the sound, not overbearing, but it's deep and authoritative. A 30Hz tone is not a problem. Bass is excellent on this earphone. Midrange and treble is good, clean, well detailed, offering a normal amount of edge/bite and dynamic emphasis. It doesn't quite offer the micro detail of say the CK10 though. The overall presentation is driven by the bass like most of the time, not overshadowed, but driven. Dynamic range is ok. You don't quite get the sense of subtlety nor any real explosiveness that would rip your head off. The range is good and comes across as appropriate but it's more compressed than many of the other high end options. It does make it a little more pleasant with bad recording, but it shows the driver choice is geared a little more for critical listening than rock out at a million dB.

Amping needs are minimal. It doesn't take much to drive them. I do find that because of the amount of bass and the driver choices Fischer made, it is somewhat limited in raw output before you get a tonal change due to compression of the lower frequencies.

Very cool for a $60 earphone. It certainly hangs right up there with the big dogs. It might be slightly limited by (perhaps) budget driver choice, but its implemented very well and just offers a whole lot of good.
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These definitely were an iem that I was interested in but never got around to buying them despite the good review by ClieOS. Does the bass bleed into other areas?

It does sound like a good pickup by you however.
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Ugh finally pulled the trigger on them. $75, hope it's worth it.
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Haha, yeah they're quite good. No the bass doesn't really bleed. It's not like the IE8 where there is significant emphasis through the midrange that makes it excessively warm. However, it is kind of like the Triple.Fi where there is some midbass, lower midrange pronunciation that comes across as domination. However, the Eterna doesn't have the top end emphasis like the Triple.Fi 10 that makes the midrange sound recessed. Rather the mid and upper end sounds pretty balanced.

I came into listening to the Eterna expecting some major faults. There just really aren't any. The frequency response is broad, good even without EQ. Transparency and sound stage are quite good, surprisingly so. Dynamics and articulation aren't quite as good as some top level earphones, but I'm guessing Fischer was attempting something very good on a budget, and the raw capability of the drivers used aren't quite of the breadth and high detail as some of the more costly options. For example, I see the drivers used in the SE530 as superior, but I see the implementation and driver mix a bit of a failure. My guess is Fischer did a lot better with more budget level hardware but did so where they didn't really skimp on anything in the end.
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Glad to know you like it. Eterna might not be technically strong but it is a very enjoyable pair of IEM to listen to. The reversion for Eterna is said to come in a few months where FA will try to tune down the bass a bit and bring out more treble. Hopefully it will still retain the fun element in the sound which I enjoy a lot.
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I heard the price point was going up too. Really, I wouldn't like the frequency response touched much. It might end up different, but it might not end up better. A little upgrade of the drivers might be beneficial if they can breath a little more dynamic range into them. I just don't know how much they might mess up trying to change it. It would be a shame to lose some other qualities just because they want to tweak it a little.
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I love the eterna just the way it is. If mine ever breaks, I'll get another one. But if the sound changes in the new version, then I don't know what I'll do....
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There is always room for improvement. It's simply a matter of not losing desired qualities in the process.
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It's good to hear again that they're good... From the yet few reviews it looks like we have quite an addition to the earphones market. I'm ordering. :ะพ)
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@mvw2 , injoyed reading your thoughts , thanks
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I enjoyed thinking them.
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Originally Posted by mvw2 View Post
I enjoyed thinking them.
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LOL ^^
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Did you find that the Eterna's bass mellowed a little with burn in? I just got a pair and find the low end overbearing, I was thinking of selling them if they are going to stay this way.

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Try the seal mod first. Get a small piece of transparent tape and seal off the vent on the back of the earpiece. It should reduce the bass a bit and bring forward the treble.

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