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April 17th is Record Store Day!!! - Page 2

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btf1980 nice finds!
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Record Store Day!

All vinyl limited releases:

Wilco - Kicking Television (4 LP box set)
Monsters Of Folk (Blue Vinyl)
Pavement - Quarantine The Past (alternative version)
The Black Keys - Tighten Up/Howlin' for You (12" 45 single)
Built To Spill - Water Sleepers (7" 45)
Drive-By Truckers - Your Woman Is A Livin' Thing (7" 45)
Bon Iver/Peter Gabriel - Come Talk To Me (7" 45)
Stephen Merrit/Peter Gabriel - Book Of Love (7" 45)
Rolling Stones - Plundered my Soul (unreleased track from Exile on Main St)
Neil Young - Heart Of Gold (7" 45)
John Lennon - Singles Bag (three 45 'box' set)
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Originally Posted by smrtby123 View Post
Damn I wanted that Budos Band split soo bad but no dice. How is it?
Sounds great!
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my record store had nothing special yesterday..
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All the local stores participated so you saw cars full of the same people racing from store to store to get that Hold Steady w/ silk-screened cover or whatever. I picked up:
REM - Chronic Town re-press on blue vinyl
Fela Kuti - live '70 10"
Sonic Youth - EVOL remaster on pink vinyl
Roky Erikson w/ Okkervil River lp
new Josh Ritter lp
The Ex w/ Tom Cora
Dog Faced Hermans (forget the name now but pretty awesome!)
Comp of folks who 'passed through' Russian Recording studio & recorded exclusive tracks (Bonnie Prince Billy, Lou Barlow, Magnolia Elec. Co., Phosphorescent, ...)
John Lennon 7" singles set

I find it funny that all these online sellers try to get in on the 'hype' w/ sales when the whole idea is to support your local record store. That's why the bands put out exclusives that are only avail. at local spots (plus they like to move product - pretty much everything Record Store Day released was sold out by the end of the day).
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