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I think the uDac is perfect as a portable laptop sound card.  It beats the hell out of the garbage in my Lenovo T60p when I'm on the go, and sounds REALLY good with my Shure E500's.  No complaints here!

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I use it for my laptop too, and I found it much better than the on-board sound card (no surprise).

when I run my sf5pro thru uDAC, I found it has a lot more clarity in the high-end, more extension i the low-end, but retracts a bit in the mid end. I can hear a lot of details with uDAC connected, and this is solely in comparsion to my on-board sound card.


I really wish I could install the PloyTec USB ASIO driver in my computer, but I'm guessing it won't work with the uDAC.

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Placebo ftw.

uDac doesn't measure well, and costs too much for what you get.

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Imo the Udac is a great improvement for laptop soundcards...i tried it with shure Srh840's and it sounded good. 

What more can you ask for $100 bucks?...want more quality, spend more. 

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Runs great from an iPad with camera kit
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Originally Posted by Dalamar View Post

Placebo ftw.

uDac doesn't measure well, and costs too much for what you get.

You get a dac, amp, and usb>spdif converter for 100$? Are you sure?

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If you're using a laptop, perhaps it's the only choice in the price range, but $100 is a rip. It should be $60 max.

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I have a Hotaudio Dacdestroyer for $60 that I favour over the udac. Mellower sound, but fewer options (no volume control, only RCA and headphone amp out). I recently picked up the Behringer uca202 which doesn't sound as good, but it's $40 for RCA in, RCA out, headphone out w/volume control, and optical out. For the price that's a great all-in-one kit.

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