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well...something about chinese iems...

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these years the quality of chinese workshops have increased rapidly...
most products sadly still imitate the iems of ue and westone with mixed results
but they are actually quite cheap and have good sound quality
the three driver-models only cost like 400$,4-drivers hover around 500$
my ls3
this iem is somewhat alike the es3,with a very intense middle and make a person feel like standing on the stage. The low is fine though a bit reduced and weak,with a icey tremble good for some songs and bad for others
the sf is...not big, slighty smaller than the es3,a fair amount smaller than the ue10pro
just going to use them for the year...then...my jh13s
forgive the poor english, i am a chinese
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see the artwork?
small bit of vanity
es3...sort of
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Nice clear/silver theme. Price indeed in the cheaper end, around same as Fidelity and Livewires. Not many companies is able to offer a 4 drive custom iem for 500 bucks if you ask me.
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picture is not working
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I didn't for me at first, but try copy the address from the pic direct into your address line, then it will typically show up.
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not bad, any other details that you can fill us?
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sorry about the picture

its from my blog and i cant get it to work on foreign urls.
just copy the address. the iems are fine indeed, with a better clarity than the se530 but only slightly more expensive. there is also ls6 and ls8, but the tune is shrrody and messy…
too many drivers
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well…to me its the dead of the night…they use original drivers from westone but design their own circuits. i think its one low, one mid and one high, the mid driver is actually the low on the um2…very nice work because its made rather slowly(there arent that many orders) .id say about 90percent of the incredible mid of the es3 has been reached. but the low and high end are both…tight and sharp. its good when you listen to bass, but it takes quite a lot of the sentiment out of jack johnson. i meant to get the es3, but that would mean another 3 months and i really like the jh13. so…just this now, with the amp im not complaining
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hmm picture not working for me.
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Could you just make a direct that isn't in a picture? The picture does not come up, so I can't see the link to copy it. Thanks.
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those look pretty decent
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I had to copy the link location into IE address bar to work, didn't work on firefox. Those cables look nice too.
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I think Chinese labor is equal or superior to domestic. Quality of materials is what I am more concerned with.
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I can not get the picture to load either.
Copied the direct link into the browser, but just get the baidu.com substitute.

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Here, I put it on imageshack.us . Let me know if you want me to remove it or something.

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