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amp for denon ah d2000

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Hey, this is my first post, and am kind of just looking for a nice quick fix.

So i have some dennon ah d2000 headphones and need an amp. I've been using them for a few months, and I just want to make them all they can be. I was hoping to spend about $100 or less.

Since I'm new here is a little info. I have been in and around the music scene for a while now, and know what good sound is. I haven't dealt with personal headphone amps much because I mostly use studio headphone amps with multiple outputs, or studio speakers. But now I want a nice amp for my home computer. I do a good amount of gaming and listen to any thing from folk to metalcore music.

Its hard to find good info about topics as specific as mine. I have read that tube amps aren't as good for denons, and I know that they are lower impedance, than most audiophile headphones so I was having a little trouble finding a good amp.

Also I am a Physics Math double major (taking a year off) so I now a pretty good amount about electronics and tubes.

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Frankly, for $100, a don't think you can get a good amp. *shrug* Even here in China we can't sell them that cheap, we need to eat too, you know ? You can get some portable amp for that money, used, it might help your 'phones a bit, but I remember when I had another easy to drive phone (HD595) an Altoids cmoy helped, but much less than a Headroom Micro.

One question is if you like the D2000's as they sound now. Are there any sonic flaws that bother you? If you like them as they are, you might want to try an amp that sounds like an wire with gain.

If you're taking a year off, know electronics and are short on cash, maybe you should go into the DIY scene. Much better value/$ if you're handy with a soldering iron (since you supply the skills and time ).
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I'm down for a DIY. I just don't know what would be a good match with my headphones. I've built amps before. They were simple and used to amplify signals from thermocouples for taking the temp of a superconductor, but I have built more complicated things mostly micro controllers.

I don't hate the sound from my denons right now, I just wouldn't mind if they could get louder. Right now I have an asus xonar d1 powering them.

I've just read some people say that they liked their ah d2000's but hooking them up to an amp made them love them more. I guess that is what i'm looking to do.
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I have tested the D2000 with the M^3 and the combo works! Really super.

See The MĀ³ Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Mine was built by one of Ti's suggested builders, Ying at YBM. (Ying is great, btw, if you don't DIY, but it'll cost 'ya).

YBM Audio products
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I use these with theĀ audinst hud-mx1 and i find them to be sounding great. These cans are not that hard to drive tho..

The audinst is a dac, preamp/amp tho and goes for less then 180 bucks shipped on ebay and is really worth every penny.

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You could try and find a used amp here on head-fi. Personally I managed to find a MicroAmp and the sound really improved!

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