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Denon D2000 cable trauma

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These headphones, while they are the best-sounded closed full size headphones I've ever owned, have one of the worst cables I've ever seen. I don't exactly treat my headphones badly, but this cable has gotten inextricably tangled, and is fraying at a few different points, after just a few months of use.

Advice needed:

1. Should I send these back to Denon? Do you think they'd fix the frayed cable under warranty?

2. Can I recable them without spending an arm and a leg? I can't do these things myself, so ideally I'd love to be able to get them fixed somewhere locally in NYC. I don't really care for high end cables, just need something that works and doesn't get tangled/frayed easily.

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I would email Denon and see. I'm pretty sure they would replace it but I'm not 100% sure. I'm also interested in recabling info for D2000's.
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I know, the stock cables are crap. You may need to recable them with Mogami and a Neutrik black and gold plug. Otherwise see if denon are willing to replace them.
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by "frayed" do you mean that the white cotton is coming out of the cable?
I wonder how many D2000 owners had this problem? I read that the D2000 cable can be annoying buy I am suprised that it can reach those levels.
too bad for such a nice headphone.
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I have found the worst bit to be the first nine inches after the cable splits to left and right.
I took a piece of 3 core electrical wire and carefully drew a stanley/craft knife down its length, being careful to maintain a straight line. I then removed the three wires and placed the empty tube I was left with over that susceptable nine inches to sleeve it. This stays put on its own but you can use a couple of wire twists to make positive if its a problem.
It works very well and my cable is a lot better for it.
But get back to Denon.You are not the only one to have a problem.
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