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Curiosity made me do it.

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All right, my boredom and curiosity got the best of me. What I mean is that about 5 minutes ago I decided to take my headphone splitter, connect it into my hp out on my amp and my mini into one slot, cans in the other. I crank up the volume and at half volume a screech-like sound comes out making me jump. So, me being myself, I pull off the phones, and crank it up again. I reach full volume and it sounds as though a song with huge bass is playing through on repeat for a few-second-long part of said song.

My question is whether this is a feedback loop. I'm assuming it isn't considering the feedback loops I have heard (not just loud screeches from concerts) from working in sound for theater performances are a single wave length, as while the ones coming from my Shure440's were of multiple wave length, differing between each driver with the left driver being the first to give response.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: If need be I will find a microphone (I'm bound to have one somewhere) and record the sounds which I am getting.
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my thoughts:
If I read this right you connected the output to the input. Yes that is a feedback loop and very capable of destroying your equipment. In a mic/room/amp feedback loop the frequency of feedback is usually affected by room acoustics and room resonances, sometimes leading to the (seemingly) single tone feedback you mentioned. Without the room acoustics in the circuit (such as in your experiment) the amp will usually oscillate at some frequency, usually above the audio band, sometimes up into RF frequencies, till it self destructs.

I suspect the sounds you heard were the pathetic tortured gasps of your poor equipment as it contemplated it's demises and wondered what it did to be subjected to such brutal electronic cruelty.
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Why the hell would you do that?
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