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Amp for D2000, under $200

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Hi, I am just recently bought a new pair of Denon D2000 headphones and so far I am loving them.

At the moment I am playing them through my Marantz SR4200 receivers headphone out socket. The receiver is connected to my PCs Asus Xonar D2 soundcard with a s/pdif coaxial cable. The D2000s sound great from the receiver. I also played the D2000 through my PA2V2 amp, but to me the Marantz seemed to handle the D2000 better at high volumes and sound a bit better/cleaner too.

However I am considering of getting a better headphone amp in the near future for my D2000s but one thats not too expensive for me, i.e. under $200/£150.

After searching around these forums I have shortlisted two under $200 amps that apparently go well with the D2000s.

They are the HiFiMAN EF2 hybrid dac/amp and the Little Dot I+ hybrid amp.

So can you guys tell me which one of those two amps is better for the D2000s?

Also can you guys recommend any other amps (hybrid or SS) around $200/£150 that goes well with or has good synergy with the Denon D2000 heapdhones.

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What is your main source? If you are moving to a PC based system, then a DAC/Amp combo would be worthwhile.

But, if you are still using the normal CDs through a stereo, IMO you probably won't improve significantly on the Marantz...they are supposed to have pretty respectable HP outs.

I've tried several HP amps for my home system, but none of them outperformed my 90's vintage Ditton integrated amp.
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I wouldn't bother for now. Your receiver is probably quite good, the D2000's aren't hardest to amp (based on my experience with the D5000), so in your shoes I'll just take that $200 and put it towards a really nice HP amp, headphones or source later.

Unless you want to play around with some cheap tube amps or something for that colored sound.
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Hmmm. Get you are going to need a DAC. If you can stretch ur budget a little, you can pick up a Little Dot 1+ and a uDAC. That rig will do your Denon's justice. The 1+ is an incredible amp for the money. I have used that rig with my D5000's and it sounded fantastic, you wont regret spending the extra 50 bucks
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What do you guys think of the LD 1+/uDAC vs LD DacII?
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I would also be interested if the LD 1+ would mate well with the D2k's.....

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the D2000 and LDI+ were made for each other


The uDac is fine if you're on a budget but a better Dac is the future is warranted if you want to pull the best out of these cans

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I listen to my D2000 via iBasso D2 when I am work. At home Firstone Audio Fubar II DAC and Cute Beyond Headphone amp. 

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this is great, i am using it .

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Im using the D10 Cobra with the d2000 and they sound good to me =)

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