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Feedback to be posted below
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Very fast response time, very fast shipping. It was great to deal with him.
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Purchased a panasonic HTX7 from him, almost perfect condition, good seller
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Sold some Grado distancers. Transaction was a breeze with fast paying. Thanks.
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The phones were waiting for me in the post office 3 days after I sent the payment (that's from the UK to the Czech Republic!), safely packaged and looked like they were just bought new from a store - functionally and cosmetically absolutely flawless. A great Head-Fier, pleasure to deal with and highly recommended to all.
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I too got Sony MDR-V6 in 3 days from UK to Finland. Very well packaged and product was in superb condition with nice fresh smell. 



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Shipping fast as usually , communication superb and headphones arrived in a NEW like condition! 

Highly Recommended!


IMG_5979 [640x480].JPG

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Sold pair PL50 to Noobiiee, fast payment and also very good communication. Highly recommended!

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Bought a pair of portapros.

The communication was great. He shipped those very fast.

Everything came and is working as expected.


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Bought a set of Soundmagic PL50 from him.

Everything went smooth and easy. 

Very nice to deal with

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Sold Millett MiniMAX tube amp to Noobiiee, very fast payment, very good communication. Highly recommended!

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Bought a HUD-MX1. Deal was very smooth, Communication was excellent and packaging and shipping was very good. Highly recommended.

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Noobiiee bought my K-400.

It was a smooth and hassle free transaction.

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bought neco soundlab desktop amp from him. 

perfect transacation, good communication, well packaged, Arrived day after posting

highly recommended

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Bought Creative X-fi mini DAC for use at work from Noobiiee, very pleased with it, fast delivery and no problems at all, great communications.

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