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ok, so my iphone contract with ATT is up in three months. I am thinking of switching, and then (what a bummer this is), unloading my I-pone on ebay for three hundred bucks. kickass.

............anyway, i'll be needing a new carrier and new phone. basically i'm pretty set on android. i love everything google does, i use gmail and everything else they offer, i think they're the greatest company in god's green earth, blah blah blah; i hate microsoft and can't imagine a windows mobile phone enticing me; it would probably have to falaciate me while bill gates kissed my toes, and even that might not do it; as far as i'm concerned, apple will be the next microsoft, and i love open source, so android it is i think

oh, and SHORT-SELL palm stock; they are going under; i said it when the pre came out. i said, yeah, it's nice, it works, i's a cool little phone, BUT BUT BUT the competion is GOD and THE HOLY SPIRIT. GOD being the iphone that is so all-dominating and sexy that it eclipses not only our sun, but every sun in the universe. the HOLY SPIRIT is android which is going to be great (and for crying out loud, it already is..........i really didn't think it would get this good this fast, but it's only gonna get better from here)

but now i'm thinking of 4g too. but i'm thinking it'll be 5 years at least before 4g networks are for real, eh? what do you think?

i can get the moto droid for $20 with 2yr contract of course, on (check it out). i really dig the droid. it's got lots of pixels. it's nice to have a physical keyboard, although honestly this one is not so great. still, i can use it and see everything on the screen at the same time. otherwise, the touchscreen keyboard was just as good as my iphone 3g.

i opened craigslist on safari on the iphone and on the 'browser" on the droid at the verizon store (what "browser" that browser is i dunno)................anyway, on the iphone i couldn't read it, because of the low-rez screen. on the droid, i COULD read it. i want those pixels, i want them dammit.

even if apple comes out with it's next gen phone soon, unless it comes with a 4g network rolled out accross the country, i still just wanna go with android.

.........but my question is: what phone????????????????? the droid is cool, and it sold really well; that means good support, and that's important for me. the nexus one is coming to verizon soon (i think i'll be going to verizon for their network and 3g speeds but am open to other options...............i get discounts on all networks i think through UC-Irvine)

the nexus one has sold like **** on t mobile, but maybe that's cuz they only have it online. how stupid is that????? it's a cool phone. it has a few less pixels than the droid which bothers me a bit. but it has the 1ghz snapdragon processor and 512mb ram rather than the droid which has less of both. THAT right there is weighing heavy on my mind.

btw, i will be buying TWO smartphones and a family plan. one for me and one for my girl. we don't have to get the same phone but of course need the same network. she needs a full fledged smartphone for exchange support for work but otherwise she HATES technology and uses none of it. i opened her "maps" app on her iphone about six months after buying it and she'd never used it. anyway, i'm gonna get her the cheapest smartphone that can do what she needs, and she'll follow me on whatever network i want. if the droid stays at $20 that'll probably be hers.

anyway, there's also talk of the HTC incredible. well, i have some months to wait here, but i dunno. a big part of me would like to buy the droid right now and be done with it. i'm scared that $20 deal could die. when buying two smartphones that matters. and with my girl, the UP FRONT cost is very important. even if i reason with her that "the real cost is what we pay every month" it matters little. anyway, what i'm saying is that if i can pay little up front, i can convince her to get what i want me!!!!!!!!!!! i want the 1ghz and 512mb of the nexus one. but i want the $20 of the droid. i actually really like the boxy edges of the droid, i like the slide out keyboard, i even like the weight and size. i really like it. it even feels quick. i just don't want some kickass app to come out and find out the droid isn't quite fast enough. also, i have a nintendo DS so i don't give a **** about games. i just want pandora radio, lots of music stuff, kickass browser, gmail and google everything. google voice. google nav with turn by turn. all that good ****. i love google and i LOVE open source. i have linux on every pc that i can manage to put it on. help me
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Edit: Now that the above has been edited so that there's actually a question-

I have a Nexus One and love it. I bought mine on launch day and use it with AT&T without a $360/year data plan. In fact, I don't even have SMS so it's only $10/month for my line.

The screen resolution is great, no problems there- but the effects of the PenTile matrix are visible if you look hard enough. You won't notice it unless you periodically hold your phone directly in front of your face for some reason. The most underrated feature of this phone would have to be the active noise cancellation chip that uses the second mic on the back of the phone. It really works. I once picked up my phone in a noisy cafeteria and the person on the other end didn't even realize where I was, nor did I have to talk any louder than normal. If it had been my old HTC Wizard I would have ignored the call since I would have had to shout.
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I'm lovin my moto droid. I found multile forums to discuss this phone obsession and learned a few things as well. The apps available are cool, and continue to grow in number and gain in quality. I do way too much with my phone now.

I'm with you in the appreciation for Google. But don't wait for the N1 unless you've been fiddling with it at the TMob store. It has only a few advantages over the droid. And if you decide to actually use one of these things for a phone call, I understand the Motorola has better call quality.

BTW, now that android 2.1 is on the droid, it is far faster than it used to be. Just go for the droid. Really.
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the incredible should be available on the 29th, not that much longer to wait.
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what a pity! google have leaved china
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Originally Posted by wangbiyuan View Post
what a pity! google have leaved china
How's that for a first post
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I'm looking at the Moto Droid and HTC Incredible (now titled Droid Incredible). The Incredible comes out at the end of the month, so it's really not that far away.

I want to at least try the Incredible before deciding on the Droid though. I would prefer a physical keyboard, but I like that the Incredible has a better camera and appears to be slimmer. Just not digging that the Incredible is expected to come in around $200. Wonder how long it'll be before that drops though.
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wow, cool; i thought i'd be waiting a long time. is my guess probably true that the incredible is actually just verizon's version of the nexus one? i.e. i'm thinking there will not be both of them. mostly for me it's the faster processor and more ram that matters to me on the nexus one/incredible. fixed keyboard or not don't matter much. the fixed on the droid is pretty crappy anyway. not unusable. not at all. just not good. just not worry of buying that phone just for that. however, $20 on amazon makes a big f'in difference to me than $200 which i imagine the incredible will be. hell, my iphone's i got refurbs during christmas and got two iphone 3g's (not 3gs) for $50 each. now i can go on ebay and sell for $300. now that kicks ass. i'm buying two phones so the cost of the phone counts, if the incredible is 200 and the droid on amazon is 20, that's 360usd saved. that matters to me not to mention that my iphone now isn't that slow, and the droid is faster than that, i'd say it's ok.

ALSO, one thin i think a lot about is how much the droid has sold. it has sold like wildfire. i think like me, people really dig the shape. it's got a boxy, sharp, sexy look to it, with a slide out keyboard whenever you need it. they sold a TON of them which means more apps that are designed for the droid
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Originally Posted by uzziah View Post
i want the 1ghz and 512mb of the nexus one. but i want the $20 of the droid.
If you root the Droid you can easily overclock it to 1GHz or higher.
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Originally Posted by EraserXIV View Post
the incredible should be available on the 29th, not that much longer to wait.

Just a reminder.

Also, if Sprint is good in your area, the Sprint Evo is a champ if you're willing to wait two months or so.
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I'm waiting for Sprint's 4G HTC Evo w/ Android 2.1. It should come out June 4th according to  What might be an issue is the CDMA radio interference it may introduce into my music. Recently I just placed my current HTC Touch Pro on my desktop amp by accident and I heard a high pitched static or hum. The amp housing does not have any shielding. Do you think this will be a problem?

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I just recently switched from a BB Storm 2 to the Moto Droid and I love it. I almost never use the physical keyboard on it and the screen is amazing. I am disappointed in the battery life, but I think the majority of that is me using it all the time. It is honestly probably the best phone I have ever used/owned. I really like the Nexus One but I just don't think that it is ever going to hit Verizon so I am out on it.


I tried out the HTC Incredible and it is a really awesome phone also. The display looks really good with the color and it is really bright, a bit too bright for me, but that is just me. If I was purchasing a new Verizon phone I wouldn't hesitate to try out the Incredible. If you have the ability to I would go to the store and try the both of them out a bit and see which you like better.

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I have a Moto Droid and my wife has an HTC Incredible -- the Incredible is noticably snappier, and the UI additions are nice. Unless you like the physical keyboard (and I do), the Incredible is a much better phone. It completely cured my wife's iphone envy.

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I have the incredible and love it too.  Sat next to someone with an iphone and brought up the internet-no comparison mine was instantanious and his we were waiting.

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Apparently the next iteration of the Droid is coming soon:


But I personally hate how the branding logo (Verizon) gets in the way; if the Incredible is still the top Android phone on Verizon's network by the time my contract runs out this fall, I'm definitely going for an Android. Can't stand the slow power of this BB Curve now, and I refuse to be tied down by Apple's control.

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