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Some of the guys in the Fun forum have. So far some pretty positive results... I personally think the wm8741 module sounds the best so far. But it may change with burn in... for the worse. Im keeping my fingers crossed. As it stands, Im very impressed with it. Burn in aside, it's definitely more neutral than the ad1852. So far it's slightly more dynamic also. The ad1852's harshness came from a upper mid emphasis to my ears. Well thats gone with the new dac... I can definitely see why kingwa stated that the wm8741 is the last dac upgrade he plans on making for the fun. I can't see the Fun getting much better than this.

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I was thinking of upgrading my Sparrow ver B to WM8741, but I'm not too sure on how module installation goes.


From the pictures on the Audio-gd site, it does not look like there are any wires connecting the module to the board, is it a matter of simply unplugging the old one and dropping the new one in? Haven't cracked mine open yet as I don't have the proper size allen key.


Not too confident on my soldering skills and equipment, I only have a crappy 10w soldering iron for wire repairs so nothing suitable for precision.

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I'm not sure whether the WM8741 module can be bought for the Sparrow, at least I couldn't find a price. Does anyone have a price?


As for neutrality, I understood that the AD1852 module had been designed to be neutral, therefore if the highs are reduced, does this not make the WM8741 less neutral? I'm not saying that's correct or that the former is better, just trying to understand.


Related to that is Currawong's comment that the tuning of the module will make a far bigger difference than these chips. So, is there not much difference or has the tuning been changed (why wasn't that tuning just used in the first place?) or have I misunderstood Currawong and his comment doesn't apply to the AD1852?


There are always so many questions aren't there? And, oh dear, it looks as though I may have upgraditits before I've even got going!

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It's $30, the wm8741 can be installed on the version B, but it does require some modification, whereas version A has had the power sectioned modified to allow for the extra power the wm8471 requires. Ask kingwa what is required for the B version to accept the wm8741 module.


Well the ad1852 module wasn't voiced neutral (they tried to), and the problem wasn't only in the highs but the upper mids also. Female vocals would get shrill etc. I think it actually had a slight emphasis in the highs and upper mids. It gave the leading edge of notes a really nice attack. It's still sounded really nice but was colored and had the tendency to sound harsh sometimes. Also due to the emphasis some instruments didn't sound real/right. I think this new module is voiced neutral, at least through my k701's. The definition makes up for the lack of leading note emphasis. Nothing sounds recessed or lacking or emphasized. It still maintains a nice soundstage stage and imaging. This is all IMHO....

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I got a quote from Kingwa for the WM8741 for the sparrow if you have the older WM8740 $25USD, and you have to remove the old module and install the new one and solder it to the DIR, I will assume you have to de-solder the old one first before installing the new one, anyone got a picture guide on how to do it?  I'm contemplating to buy the older WM8740 A version and install the new module myself.

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If it's anything like the way it is with the fun it's very easy. And I don't think you need the wm8740 version for it to work. The modules are the same for the fun.


Remove the screw for the wm8740 or ad1852 module. Unplug the old module (it's socketed). Plug in the new module and replace the screw from before. The wm8741 module has a wire pre-soldered to it. The other end of that wire must be soldered to the 3.3v supply on the dir9001 module. This is how it is on the Fun. If it's the same on the sparrow then both the old a and b versions won't have the correct supply for the new dac. Only the newest (made in the last week or so) version A Fun and sparrow don't require the soldering. You might wanna recheck with kingwa if the new dac will work with both a and b versions with this method. Both ad1852 and wm8740 are completely interchangeable. So it shouldn't matter which dac is in there now...


Below is a pic of my install of the new dac module in my Fun... the bottom wire on the left side was the side I had to solder...







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Hrmm so the old WM8740 doesn't have a wire soldered to the DIR power supply?  If not that would make it quite easy to do, lol just need to get some electrical solder and soldering tool.  But, to make sure I'll send Kingwa an email with your description.

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Ask Kingwa for some internal wiring and solder wire, would be cheaper than buying it yourself if you don't need much.


I got a soldering iron from dealextreme.com , free shipping and good quality for the price.

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No the wm8740 module doesn't need alternate power from the DIR9001. It's a straight swap with the ad1852 module. Only the wm8741 requires this.


The new module comes with the wire already attached to the wm8741. I didn't need to buy any wire or anything. So you just need some solder and an iron. TBH there's enough solder on the DIR9001 pin to begin with and the wire end comes tinned. I just added an extra blob of solder for piece of mind.

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Cool! I should take Fulcrum's offer for an older A version Sparrow with WM8740 and do the upgrade myself!

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Yeah I don't think you will regret it. I love audio-gd so far! Amazing sounding stuff and the amp in my fun does wonders with the k701. For the price, I wouldn't bother with anything else.


BTW mythless, let us know kingwas response to installing the dac module. If it is different I'll take the picture and that post down. I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea

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Haha, I'll wait for Kingwa's response.  I thought about the Fun for a long time, but the size!  And, I doubt I will use the other functions.  At most I'll buy and adapter if I want to hook up another amp.  But, main file source will be my comp, and the sparrow fits my needs.

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Since the Compass, some people felt the sound was a bit harsh, which is an issue with low-end gear.  I'm thinking I might have to spring for the module to see how far I can take the Sparrow, as I will probably use it in a transportable rig during long-distance travel.

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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

Since the Compass, some people felt the sound was a bit harsh, which is an issue with low-end gear.  I'm thinking I might have to spring for the module to see how far I can take the Sparrow, as I will probably use it in a transportable rig during long-distance travel.

Yeah, there's no way I'll be able to resist this either...

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Kingwa told me when i tried to order mine, that you could either get the WM8740 and the AD1852 how they were originally voiced, which was with the ad1852 neutral and the 8740 being more softish. Or i could get the New voicings, with the 8740 or the 8741, which he tuned them both neutral. but when i asked if i could get the 8741 and the 1852 he said that wouldnt work, which makes me think that theres something else that got changed in the circuit??


Im still loving my sparrow though, it continues to improve with burn in :)

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