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I've got to say, no post should be deleted. If something needs to be removed, the mods should edit it, erase the text in the post, and write what the problem was in the edit. Censoring without reason shouldn't be a part of head-fi.

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Could someone please clarify the current offerings?


As I understand it, the USB chip is now the TE7022, which supports 24bit/96kHz input.


Does this also apply to the basic version, or is the basic version no longer available? I understood that the original USB chip is out of stock.


Also, did someone say that there had been a slight price decrease? What prices in the sparrow range have changed?

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Originally Posted by burgunder View Post

I'm sorry to pose this question again but it was ignored the first time because of the DB discussion but how difficult do you gentlemen think it would be to connect one of the better Audio-GD dacs to the amp of the Sparrow with ACSS?

Originally Posted by Crazy*Carl View Post

Thats what the fun is for.  I guess it would be possible if you opened up the case and tryed to bypass the sparrows DAC.  I would have no idea how to do that


As far as I'm aware, the FUN does not have ACSS inputs either.

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Anoobis: basic version supports only 16/48, probably same old chip.


A-version is fitted with TE7022

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Kingwa just replied (exellent support) and it's not possible to connect a higher end DAC to the Sparrow through ACSS.

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I just hooked up the DA8740 module to my Sparrow, it is a much mellower, warmer DAC. Definitely not as as dynamic as the DA1852 and the highs do not extend as high. It is very laid back in signature and almost tube-like. I think I prefer the DA1852 module for analytical and detailed listening sessions, but for extended sessions the DA8740 will not fatigue as easily. It's a matter of personal preference, but I definitely do hear a big difference, it's pretty prominent.

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So, anyone tried some 600 ohm beyer with sparrow? Want to make sure it drives beyers well enough, before i get it.

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How to shop at their site? Just send an email?



One more question - I have 32-OHM DT990, should I go for low-gain version? I'm gonna buy A model.

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People have used compass with dt990 600 ohm version with no problem, sparrow is most likely as good for high impedance headphones.


Yep just send an email with what you want, give address info, and ask for a total with your payment method. What sensitivity on the dt 990? If under 106dB you should be fine, because people with 25 ohm 106dB/mW are above channel imbalance.

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Has anyone got any experience with the sparrow along with AKG K701? I'm thinking about buying K701, but I'm unsure whether my sparrow will be sufficient for these cans? I've read lots about how difficult they are to amp.

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Originally Posted by burgunder View Post

Kingwa just replied (exellent support) and it's not possible to connect a higher end DAC to the Sparrow through ACSS.

Just to give you an idea... look at the picture of the top part of Audio GD DAC modules... those pins connect the DAC module to Sparrow's ACSS modules... Those pins send two balanced channels from DAC to ACSS modules.





So, potentially other DAC that have balanced VOut could be used to connect to ACSS, in the same way as Audio GD DAC modules...


Going further, even IOut DAC, after you made balanced I/V circuit, you could connect it to ACSS too...


Disclaimer: I don't have Sparrow... if you try to do it, do it on your own risk... :)

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You could say I am blind, but I could say your delusional n your thought about hi-fi equipment.

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Originally Posted by Crazy*Carl View Post


Do not believe the hype about amplification.   I failed blind tests between the Sparrow and ipod with 300ohm HD580.


People around here say all sorts of things,  but almost all of it is exaggerated and without proper testing.

Here is some more food for thought:



Do not get suckered into this hobby like everyone else.  Get a good pair of headphones and you will be getting excellent sound.


I thought your blind test was interesting when I first saw it, but now you're just acting silly. I, along with many others, appreciate the sound from a better source than onboard sound card or ipod, so please stop your crusade against head-fi/hifi. Also, taking quotes out of context is a bad habit!


Hopefully someone can reply to my original question regarding AKG K701 and this Sparrow. :)

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i think what people are afraid of is people reading this thread and believing that there is ABSOLUTELY no difference between different DACs/Amps. I feel that the difference between a crappy dell motherboard integrated sound and even a mid-range soundcard is drastically notable. Even my current Gigabyte DS3 motherboard's integrated sound isn't up to par with a Chaintech AV710 soundcard (which has a wolfson DAC chip), the difference in sound is very clear and audible. The integrated sound is very thin and has absolutely no bass, upon connecting my AV710 i could hear a marked increase in bass and fullness in the entire spectrum.


Now, the difference between my AV710 and Sparrow is not as big a jump, but still notable and well worth it IMO. Whether this increase in sound quality is worth $200 is up to you to decide. But I feel what the Sparrow does for you is increase your options in terms of quality headphones since you are now able to drive them. The AV710 would not be able to drive the HD800 to even close what it is capable of, the Sparrow, although not as powerful as a dedicated full-size amp, can drive it with authority in my experience.


the difference between a much more expensive DAC/Amp (think $500+) and the Sparrow is not as big a jump, and that may be what Carl is trying to get at. if Carl's motherboard has integrated sound on the level of my AV710 soundcard, which is very quite well possible, then i can see why he's not experience as big an improvement as he expected.

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When I am having a hard time telling between gear, I listen to some piano music, because pianos are very complex and can tell you a lot about your audio chain. If you think realtek HD onboard audio sounds good, listen to some piano music on it. And if that sounds good, I recommend you go to a music store with pianos and familiarize yourself with the sounds pianos make.


I suspect that there are more people looking for "good sound" rather than "faithful sound", and an mp3 player can give good sound, just not faithful. I listen to mp3 players daily, and all you need is a good portable headphone to enjoy the music. But if you want to listen to faithfully reproduced music or you are someone who equates that with music enjoyment, you'd probably want more than an mp3 player.

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