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BTW I'm getting the 1/4 to 1/8 converter for these cans and I wanted to know if that conversion affects the quality at all? I'm going to be running these directly from my computer and itouch


Why would you need them? the M50 has a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) jack with a 1/4 inch screw on adaptor

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Oh, I was actually talking about the grado sr225i. I was just asking if anyone could compare the M50 (which I have) and the sr225i which I just ordered. I'm using the converter for the grado.

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I just ordered a set of M50's last weekend. This thread and others have convinced me that they are a pretty much a win for the price point. Can’t wait to hear them.



To all the others on this thread that want to bump there ego's by claiming that cans that cost 3-10X as much sound better (2rooi123 possibly??), have I got a deal for you! Guaranteed to give you ultimate bragging rights and full rein to hijack any thread on any forum with claims of audio superiority:


The Sennheiser HD800 XL Elite Turbocharged limited edition 3D sonic de-resonating balanced Headphones.

These start with a selected pair of standard HD800's, chosen for drivers that are 99.99999999% identical sonically as well as atomically, tested with the best laser gas spectrometer on the planet. These are then painstakingly disassembled by Tibetan Monks and the individual components are sent out for custom modification.

The coil is separated from the driver membrane, the membrane is sent to NASA, where is shiped to the Hubble, inserted into a custom lens, and exposed to light from a star at the edge of the galaxy (that has already died). The light from this star is thus far unique to the universe, and allows molecules to be evenly removed from the membrane in order to make it 50% thinner and lighter. Then it is sent to a lab in Germany that is able to coat it with an atom thick layer of carbon, thus making it lighter than the original, yet sonically superior. The stock winding is discarded, and replaced with a 100% pure silver weave of 0.0000003" conductors that are individually coated with 24K Gold. The drivers are then re-assembled and shipped to a lab in Detroit where they are cryogenically treated to align and stabilize the molecular structure.


The Ear pads are removed and replaced with pads that are made from the finest silk/unicorn hair weave, the material is first sent to Hollywood in large sheets for the finest super-modles to use the cloth as pajammas for no less than 200 hours.This is done to ensure the cloth is as subtle as humanly possible. Once this is done it is wrapped around a matrix of the best memory foam and space age temature compensating gel to ensure a fit like no other.

The final step is a quick trip to the Pope where they are blessed, then they are boxed up and sent by armored car (with a 300 man security crew) to your door.


Listening impretions:


When you first put them on you will be overcome by tingling chills running over your whole body and your goose bumps will have goose bumps.


WARNING! If you plug these into anything but a $30,000+ source, bad things will happen. One poor soul plugged these into his HF 801, and it exploded, so be warned.


Once plugged into a quality source, you hit "play"..........


The sound cannot be described, there are not yet words, but if you close your eyes the experience is similar to what you see when hitting "warp 10", time expands and contracts, you are sucked into a alternate state of being where all your senses are stimulated to an event horizon. You don't just hear the music, you are the music, and the music is both inside and outside you.

You see and hear the past present and future and are at once enlightened.


Upon the song ending, you are let back gently to the real world and vaguely aware that you lost all bowl control and had what appears to have been a continuous wet dream ( note here, its a good idea to wear an adult diaper) .


Almost not worth mentioning are a few of the small side effects that have been noticed while using these:

1, Reverses balding

2, Cures cancer

3, Extended use causes fat to disappear and muscle growth

4, Has been reported to cause ESP in some users

And one user even claims that upon placing these on his dead uncle, he came back to life and lived for 10 more years



Mine are better that yours, na na na bo bo.


2rooi123, don't bother to argue, these are the best and yours would melt if placed in the same room.

However, I need a set of closed cans so the M50 will have to do...





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Oh man, that's just brilliant. !


Congrats on the M50 order. They may not live up to those amazing HD800's, but I guarantee they will be very close. 


Let us know what you think after you've enjoyed them for a bit...





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Epic post is epic!

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Arrgh!   mine still havent shown up yet.


hopefully i will get them soon.


Starting to built a little higher power amp (Pimeta), not that these will need much, as i understand they are a fairly easy can to drive, but I am exited to here what the can do.


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I assume you've received your M50's by now??? I just received my M50's in the mail yesterday and have only taken them off to sleep!! Like you, these are my first pair of (for lack of a better term) "higher end" headphones and I ordered them based off of the price and recommendations I've seen in the forums.


I had minus knowledge about headphones until i started browsing this site and aside from a couple of the terms used here, I still have no idea what some of the people are referring to when they say the sound is warm or bright or whatever. So until I "undumbify" myself about the lingo, all I can say is that I'm really enjoying mine!! Definitely worth my money!!!

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Yep, they showed up. I like them a lot, but have mixed feelings on the sound sig. I need to get some quiet time to really reveiw them before i form any impresions. Well worth the $$$$ IMO.

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are these made in japan or made in taiwan.

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is this can circumaural ?Does the ear fit completely in the cup ?I have the M-Audio Q40 , and these are too small and have a clamp

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It's completely circumaural, no worries. 

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what the heck. i was a m50 hater in the begining. now my m50 just gets better and better.

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Even though I'm going to sell mine on Wednesday, once my DT990 2005's come, I'm going to regret it.  I love my M50's, though I do find them too bass heavy now that I have experienced other headphones with less bass.

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When I first sold my M50, I was wracked by seller's remorse. I still miss the M50 to this day. But been too busy trying and buying other gear to do a repurchase. I get a feeling I might go back to the M50 one day.

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990...yup you will regret getting rid of the M50. 990 = Detailed, bass heavy, recessed mids. Basically and expensive M50.

Originally Posted by wdahm519 View Post

Even though I'm going to sell mine on Wednesday, once my DT990 2005's come, I'm going to regret it.  I love my M50's, though I do find them too bass heavy now that I have experienced other headphones with less bass.

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