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^^^ Thanks for the info Reprobate! I haven't had a chance to look into this option, but will do so soon. It is more steps than ideal, but seems like it would work and much better than trying to recreate all those artworks (I have a bunch of live stuff that itunes can never find). 


Another question specific to itunes. Will the program even read the images if they are saved as a separate files, or must the information be embedded into the mp3 files themselves?


PS I should add that I have the capability of working on either a pc or a mac for conversion purposes, but will be playing the lossless files on a mac.

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I think iTunes can find the art online for you if your music is tagged properly. If you want to retain the same art, I'll bet there is a plug-in for iTunes that can do it for you. MediaMonkey has an option to embed the art from your jpegs into the file(itunes style) or just copy the jpeg(as mentioned) or both.

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What is a good program that I can burn my cd's into FLAC files?  I am a newb in this field. I didn't know you could improve the quality of mp3, till I started going on head-fi,  I know I am the dumbest one in the room so I need a very easy ripping program. Who can help a poor soul like me? 

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To convert FLAC to MP3 for iTunes, get one professional FLAC Converter to have a try.

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try to use this online audio converter http://inettools.net/en/application/convertaudio

I hope it will help you

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For work with iTunes usually preferable (support text and artworks) next ways:


1. Lossless:

   1.1. AIFF

   2.2. ALAC (compressed)


2. Lossy:

    2.1. mp3


Conversion software must convert between these formats with exporting metadata.


Also the software must suppost specifical id3 metadata format used in iTunes.




CD ripping


AIFF files that readed under Mac OS X from CD is not usual AIFFs.


These files has AIFF-C format. Some software can don't read these AIFF-C files.


For conversion/riping software desirable convert AIFF-C to ordinary AIFF for better compability with different software.


It is lossless conversion - changing order of bytes for each sample.

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