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Why is it....

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Every now and then you hear a recording that is insanely good, and immediately of a much higher quality then 90% of the rest of your large, lossless collection. Mostly older music, and mostly in the "blue grass" genre. The type of music is irrelevant, and this recording can be so good that it's still better then most even when compressed to 128KB MP3. These are rare gems, and you'll want to listen to them even if your not a huge fan of the actual music. They are very rarely, if ever anything made past the 80's. Their qualities are huge range, awesome stereo image and separation and an analog feel, despite being digital.
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coz they only used high grade microphones, tube preamps and top quality analog mixing boards/tape recorders?

I'm personally blown away by the SQ of the two first albums of Larry Jon Wilson, it's funky country music...bayou style, and the SQ is really eye popping.

he sings the first song on the "Heartworn Highways" OST, the SQ is amazing on the CD: YouTube - Larry Jon Wilson : ohoopee river bottomland

you don't get that SQ w/ a digital mixer and a mastering engineer that clips everything to death
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