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Twinster made an offer on some cables I was selling, and he paid promptly. I would recommend him as a buyer. Thanks!
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Bought a pair of px200s from Simon. Great seller!
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My Shures sold and paid for within a day of posting. Twinster even made sure to pay via bank account to save me a few bucks without me asking. Good guy!
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Quick Payment and he let me know when he received the package. great guy.
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Simon purchased my 325i, this was a smooth transaction with good communication and fast payment. A great Head-Fier to deal with.

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Twinster bought my Musiland 02. Paid as requested by EMT. everything went great. will do business again. thanks.

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Twinster sold me his AT headphones.


Great to deal with, unbelievable packaging.  Looked brand new when received.


Would gladly do business with him again.



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Sold Twinster my 701's. Great buyer, great transaction.

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I recently purchased a Qinpu A3 amp from Twinster. He immediately shipped the package once he received payment and did an excellent job packaging for shipment. There was only some minor cosmetic damage to the amp but he gave great detail in his description about it so I knew what to expect. No surprises at all and the amp sounds beautiful. The included custom cable was a nice touch. Would definitely buy from him again.

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Twinster purchased my SHE9850's. Payment was prompt. Communication was smooth and freindly. Excellent buyer. I wouldn't hesitate selling to Twinster in the future. Thanks!

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Twinster bought my 225i as a trade with cash.  He paid promptly and was patient when I needed some extra time to make an additional modification to the cans.  The K240s he sent me were in excellent condition and were well-packed.  I would have no hesitation in dealing with him again.

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Purchased a pair of Yuin PK1s from Twinster (lucky me).  Great communication and a very smooth transaction.  Highly recommended as a seller!

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Purchased his proudly Canadian made Purity Audio Kicas/Caliente amp!  Great guy to deal with.  Highly recommended and glad to keep this amp back home in Canada!

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Sold a Yuin G1A to Twinster. He paid promptly and was very friendly throughout the transaction. Great Head-Fier to do business with and I wouldn't hesitate to so again. Thanks.


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