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I am new to these forums. I am impressed with the knowledge and experience here and need help with a decision. I am planning on buying Sennsheiser HD 800 Headphones. I have had 650's in the past with a Grace 901 with satisfactory results. I cannot decide among the Burson 160, the Meier Audio Concerto and the SPL Phonitor. I do not need a DAC and prefer solid state. I admire the build quality and discrete circuitry of the Burson while the veratility and volume control of the Meier impresses me as well as the flexibility and balanced circuitry of the Phonitor. The limited steps of the Burson level control, the IC's and construction (relative to the Burson) in the Meier and the Alps Potentiometer of the SPL are negatives for me. I am not able to hear and of these and the prices of the Burson and Meier are comparable. The Phonitor is pricey but on a par with my front end. In your opinion, which do you feel would be the best match for the 800's? Also, who would be the most reliable and customer service oriented dealer for any of these if you are permitted to say? Thank you in advance.