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I sold some Kipsch x10 to Ben and everything was hunky dorey. He let me know as soon as he got them which is always helpful.
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Sold him my W1000X. Paid quickly and no problems.

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Bought some D2000's from him.  Everything went smoothly.

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Bought, my Hifiman EF5, very smooth and fast transaction!

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Bought, my Decware Zen Head amp.  Product better than described.  Would be happy to buy from Ben again.  Quick shipping quality packaging.



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Ben bought my unusual transistorized 12AU7 from Healthkit. Transaction was trouble free and quick!


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Ben bought a set of thunderpants from me. Very smooth and very fast. A pleasure to deal with.

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Bought some ATHs off BR777 and they arrived fast in great condition! thanks man!!

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Sold to Ben.  Fast payment great communication.



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Sold a CTH to Ben.  Very Fast Payment, great Buyer.  A pleasure all round..

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I responded to Ben's WTB ad, and the sale of my DAC went great. A pleasure to deal with. Another wonderful instance of getting to know another audiophile better over the course of a sale. Always a nice side benefit to this hobby. Great Transaction.

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Bought his Decware ZH1.  All went well.  Good transaction and head-fier.

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I bought a Hifiman ef5 amp from Ben.  However, the post office lost the amp somewhere in the mail & Ben is now working with the office to try and recover it. He blamed himself but all I can say is that it was a pleasure working with Ben on the problem & he willingly returned my money when I finally gave up on them finding it.  I can not tell you how much respect I have for him because of the way he conducted himself on this deal. He's a stand up guy who is totally honest. I wouldn't hesitate to buy that amp from him again, if he gets it back.  Two big thumbs up for Ben!! He's OK!

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I bought Tung Sol Black Glass 12AU7 tube. Ben was very helpful and did a great good job in packing the tube in a little box wrapped in bubble wrap which was in a bubble wrap padded envelope ;-)  The tube was delivered in perfect condition... Thanks Ben.


Definitely recommended.


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Bought a CTH and a pair of Thunderpants from Ben.


Smooth transaction.

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