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Upgrade GS Solo to SRGII or get the Meier Concerto?

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Hi all,

I am contemplating upgrading my GS Solo which I got in 2006. I can send it in for a factory upgrade to the SRGII (or wait a bit until the Ultra-Linear model is available). OTOH I am also intrigued by the Concerto (hoping it sounds nothing like the Headfive that I so hated and sold).

I am really happy with my current Solo (have had it for 4 years now) but I'm also curious how much better (or different) the current Solo is and how it compares to its Meier counterpart. For one, I find mine a really neutral and transparent amp with plenty of headroom to spare. I use it a lot with the power-hungry K340 and, though there are undoubtedly more powerful amps (i.e. balanced), the Solo pulls through very admirably. Do the new Solo and Meier Concerto have even more driving power or just more-or-less the same? What other sonic differences can I expect (in a nutshell or in detail)?

Thanks in advance!
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I had the Green Solo and later the Solo SRG which in my opinion was an upgrade although I felt the bass was a bit shy. Then I got the Solo SRGII and it is a significant improvement in soundstage width/depth but also in the bass. The bass in the SRGII is punchier, deeper, and with more impact. I have not listened to the latest ultra-linear but hope to do so one day. I have not tried the Concerto so I can not comment on it.
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Thanks for the reply, Miguel. Reading through this forum and Graham Slee's, there are mentions indeed about a comparatively anemic bass of the SRG to the SRGII. I'm curious if this issue applies only to the SRG as I certainly don't find the older Solo to be lacking in bass. In fact, I don't want any added bass as I think it would only bloat the sound.

What about driving power? I use the insensitive K340 heavily so I want to make sure the newer Solo has at least the same or better power. Anyone else with experience on the K340 + Concerto combo?

I'd like to ask these questions in Graham Slee's forum (and have Graham himself answer) but it seems they are not taking new members currently.

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Darn, I know I tested HiFlight's K340 on the Solo SRGII but I do not recall how it sounded. Partly because I did not want to like it since I sold my Headphile modded K340 about 3 years ago and I do not want to look for one. If you are not in a hurry I will get a chance to listen to the K340 in the near future and will get back with you. Cheers.
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No problem. I am mainly curious about what difference to expect going from the old Solo to the current model (and Meier Concerto). Don't want to risk upgrading something I already like to something I may not like.

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Isn't the Concerto very new - Skylab had a prototype, but the first units are just being received by head-fi members. I know my local retailer is just getting their first units too. Maybe information about amp section of the Symphony would be helpful, but then again Concerto uses AD797.
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Yeah the Concerto is very new. First units were shipped April 1st. I ordered one and am waiting on it to arrive in Canada! I know of only one other member who has received one so far, and has made minimal, but the same comments as skylab: Excellent volumme control, very clean, black background, very transparent.

I will post more when I can!

FWIW I don't think you can do much better than the Concerto @700$. Anything to compete with it would have to have a stepped attenuator, or discrete relay like the Concerto, and active ground is a great feature.

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Originally Posted by Zorander View Post
I'd like to ask these questions in Graham Slee's forum (and have Graham himself answer) but it seems they are not taking new members currently.

I only became a member the day before yesterday, so that seems a little strange.

Maybe your reputation preceded you
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surely the "lack of bass" from srg1 depends on what headphones are used.
i am also interested in the srg2/ultra linear/concerto. but i dont think my current system lacks bass.
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Hi there,

I'm actually contemplating something similar. I have a Solo and am looking into upgrading into SRG II or Ultra Linear. This to ad a smidge of body to the presentation of the K701.

Point is I don't know the step from Solo to Solo SRGII bass wise. Is there difference?
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Took me a while to decide but I have finally sent my Solo to be upgraded to Ultra-Linear. This should be fun.


In the meantime, I am back to using my trusty Creek OBH-21, which I personally still like and which presents a nice change of presentation from the Solo.



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Got the amp back from Graham today.


Took only a little more than 2 weeks for me to send the amp to the UK (from Australia), for Graham to work on the upgrade and for him to send it back to Australia (from the UK). Very impressive. Graham also promptly accomodated my (many) queries and specific requests as well as keeping me updated on what's happening with the amp, which certainly adds a very personal touch.


Currently burning in the amp by directly listening to music on it. I can't find any fault with it straight out of the box (sounds great!). I'd love to hear what it's like after the 'prescribed' burn-in period.



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