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Sold: iRiver iHP-120 Mint Condition Rockboxed 120 H120

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[Sale Pending]

Hi all, I'm trying to get rid of some stuff that I have sitting around that I'm not using. First on the list is my iRiver iHP-120. I bought it after the iBasso D10 release, but I never got around to getting the optical cables and putting the unit to use.

The iHP-120 is in mint condition, spending all of it's life in the leather case (with the exception of taking it out to take pictures). It has already been rockboxed and includes other accessories as well.

List of things included:
iRiver iHP-120
AC power adapter/charger (two of them)
USB cable
Leather case
Silicon case
LED Remote thing
Spare 1600mAh Li-Polymer battery

I am asking for $old shipped within the United States. I will eat the PayPal fees. Buyer must have Verified and Confirmed PayPal account.

Here is my feedback!

PM me if interested!
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Priced to sell
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Have you do international sends??
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hmm yes, interesting, but i'm in OZ
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