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Cheap 3-5w tube guitar amp design - Page 2

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for output you can use EL84, 6BQ4 or Russian 6P14P without changing schematic.
I think trans is enough for guitar amp too.
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Change the 6v6 and you'll change the whole tone of the amp. There's a reason guitarists love this tube. Best small power tube ever made.
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OK, laid this out on perf board (well the parts that I have onhand) just to have a look. This is the version with the "scrap parts'. I have about $30 total with a cheap 5" test speaker (4 ohm).

Now, should I lay this out on a steel or aluminum base, or will perf 'work'? I actually need to trim about an inch of width to fit it in the case but it lays out pretty well.
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Well, I got quite an assist with some vintage parts, so I just have to move the passive components to the strip board, solder them up, then wire the connections.  ChampPlate.jpgChampWIP.jpg

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Hi pabbi,

I think with so simple schematic you don't need pref board at all.

You have both tube sockets installed, add input jack and pots to your chassis, then secure 3 power caps somehow and choice one screw for star ground. Than simple go with other parts point to point by schematic.

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Leo Fender thought the strip terminals were a good idea, especially since we are talking 330v, so hard to argue with. If it was 30v, maybe, but safety first. Besides, this is more old school, in keeping with a 62 year old design. It is rare we build circuits older than we are, which is way harder for some of us than we would care to admit.


Besides, I have always been facinated about building something on a terminal strip with the turrets.


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Hey Pabbi1,


I was wondering how this turned out?  I am wanting to build a super small Champ clone myself.  Any advice on how to source the parts cheaply?  There is also a Micro Champ out there I thought of as well.



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Funny you should mention this - having to get some assistance, as I am out of my depth... but, here is where I am, though I did pick up a 1950's Jenson alnico speaker to swap out once I get 'er working.







Note: This amp is NOT UL listed...




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I may be building a Champ as well for a friend of mine.  


Looks great Al!

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