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I don't really have any pics right now, but I figured I'd let you guys know my NEW and almost completely here setup...

D-E880->D66 ( will get an amp eventually, it's the reason I bought this...line-out, 22 bucks wasn't bad)

Haha, I need new portable 'phones...lol...
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is that an akg k171? i like to see more pic of it. how does it sound?
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No, these are the K271's. They are IMO great! maybe a little bass-shy, but with an amp and a little EQ-ing they sound beautiful. Great soundstage, and they are not bright - nicely rolled off at the highs. Highly recomended as a middle-class headphone. Sound isolation is not as good as etys, but about 15-20 dB which is enough for most environments. They are not so very easily driven by a portable device with their 55 ohms and not so high sensitivity, so I'd recommend an amp to go with them. They need a good break in before they will sound their best.

The headphone has a detachable cable and a neat mute-function when you take them off your head. Nice

Some more images:

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Thanks for that absolutely massive pic
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It's a great picture.. found it on the AKG website if I remember correctly. Sorry you guys with slow connection out there.. got 2 mbits and 300 kb isn't that much for me
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i think that pic actually came from a store somewhere.

i was wrong, it was the akg worldwide site. awesome pic
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Long time lurker, 1st post ever!

- 40gig 3g iPod (filled with almost entirely with --alt-preset insane CDex rips)
- SR-60s (waiting on my modded senn pads)
- Custom Headsave Elite SL (9v battery power instead of DC)

I'm just waiting on my modded senn pads and I'll never have to spend any more money on portable audio again!!

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Welcome to head-fi

Great first post... a pretty cool rig for a 'noob'... if this is how you start... imagine what you'll be like with a thousand posts under your belt... hehe

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VERY VERY nice setup.

2 questions.

1. What kind of case is your iPod in?

2. What kind of mini-mini IC is that?
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Thanks for the welcome, Duncan

I look forward to spending entirely too much money on high end audio equipment in the months and years to come.

Markkr, thanks. I like my setup too

A 1) The case is from Vaja Cases

This is my second purchase from Vaja and I absolutly love both cases. The other case is this one for my T-Mobile Pocket PC edition phone, which is my work phone.

A 2) The mini to mini cable is a custom one that Norm from Headsave built for me, 6". Norm rules!
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Nice setup. How do you like your Supermicro. I'm dying to get one.
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nice setup. it looks similar to mine, except i have a zen.
Your cable looks like the one i built too, except for longer
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Those are nice cables man. Any chance of a tutorial?
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who? me?

buy some Canare Star Quad and 2 switchcraft connectors from www.markertek.com

solder them up.
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Yes you. Thanks. I especially like the connectors.
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