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If it's just for the RS1, easy answer is Ear+ HD.  If you plan on using tough-to-drive headphones in the future (think orthos), then maybe go Super II.

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I just posted a Super II in the for sale forum if anyone is interested. Price is $595.00

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I'm bringing this thread back from the dead!  I've been inactive on head-fi for quite a bit because of my young family.  I just ordered another Super II from Lloyd and hope to have it in a few weeks.  It has the same upgrades I've done in the past - caps, RCA jacks, locking heapdhone jacks, etc.  The fun thing we're doing this time (at my request) is leaving the chassis completely unfinished - bare aluminum.  I think I will personally enjoy this look even if it doesn't set a trend :-)  I also asked Lloyd to leave off the stock feet and am doing some Herbie Tenderfeet instead.  I had some good success with the Herbie feet on another amp.  


I'll be using my SA8004 as the source and either my HD650 or PS1000 'phones.  Thankfully, I kept all my good GE and RCA triple-mica 5751 tubes from the last time I owned a Super II.  I lined up some good American NOS EL84 tubes and I should be in good shape.  


I'll post a few pictures once I get everything and hook it up.  

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Welcome back to the fold!  I like Herbie's Tenderfeet on my Super-II HD as well.  I replaced the output caps with paper-in-oil caps which I feel has improved the sound a bit.  Tight fit under the chassis though!


Sounds like you have the right cans & tubes for the amp!  Enjoy your journey!

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Thanks!  Yes, it's good to be back.  Once everything is hooked up and making music I'll be sure to post a few pictures of my, um, "unusual" looking Super II.  :-)

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this thread doesn't have alot of activity so go check out http://www.head-fi.org/t/239485/mad-ear-purist-hd-appreciation-thread/1050#post_10457960 for some Super II activity

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