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SOLD: Joe Grado HP1000/HP-1

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Up for sale are my Joe Grado HP-1s. They are modified (phase switches are disabled), re-cabled with a 6' Stefan Audio Arts to four pin connector and a four pin to SE 1/4" plug. Looking for $SOLD shipped, paypal'd and insured to known good feedback buyer in CONUS. I'd send these OCONUS to known / high feedback HF-er. OCONUS buyer must pay actual shipping - depending on feedback, may require wire transfer/money order.

I've had / heard a number of pairs of HP1000s; these are my favorites. I have the original Joe Grado Ultrawide Bandwidth cable, HP1000 box and phase switch guts. They were re-cabled by someone you may recognize (last pic) at the Denver Head-Fi meet in July 09.

I bought these in March of 2008, except for the modifications they are in the same excellent shape.

That said the headband has a few scuffs, the screens are fraying a little and there are no letters on the cups but the L and Right circles are intact. There is one little nip on the cable coating from the case I was transporting them in to meets - ugh.

Case is not included

Stefan Audio Arts 4 pin balanced cable and 4 pin to SE adapter

Left and Right cup views show writing on polarity switch circle totally intact.

Small nip on cable - causes no sonic impact - does not cut out... usually covered but wanted to show all imperfections.

Screens over drivers are frayed a little...

Slight scuffs on headband - the flash really exaggerates this..

A very gracious Ray Samuels!

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Price drop!
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I could be interrested, what is the price for shipping to france? (Paris 75015)
Are the the original Joe Grado Ultrawide Bandwidth cable, HP1000 box and phase switch in the price of the HP1?

best regards
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Okay, I've got a question. I realize this is not the place for "forum" style prose, but I think it's prudent to ask a question about the product. Why were the phase switches disabled. If you don't want to clutter up the thread, you can PM me at your convenience. Thanks.
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