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You need to re-read my question again, more slowly, if you think I was in any way 'discrediting' the IEM. I only asked about what the difference might be.

I search Amazon and find this: Ultimate Ears SuperFi 3 Studio Noise Isolating Earphones (Black): Electronics

I guess this is what you are talking about? I had no idea it existed...such a radical price difference from all the others. THAT I must say, DOES give me pause...but if it's the same as the older version everyone raves about...assuming the change in cable is nothing to change the sound/durability, yes, I'll probably get one.

Well I don't really meant it to be a negative tone. I was just emphasizing that you should try it out for yourself. No matter if you are spending 100, 200, or 300... if an earphone isnt tune to your taste you ll never like them.

And yes I do have a 10. The only thing I can tell you about the build quality is that the cable suck @ss big time. It is starting to show the copper wire. I dont really abuse my iem but I only have mine for about 3 months. So if you are going to invest in these monitor, I am pretty sure you ll have to cough up some money to buy a replacement cable. I am getting my replacement cable from null audio which is 77 dollar. Even with the extra cost for the cable, I think spending about 177 for the 10 is WORTH THE MONEY.
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I don't know about any changes post logitech purchase, but I found the build quality on my TF10s lacking. In fact, the nozzle part was coming apart on my pair. Luckily I suppose, they were within warranty so I had them exchanged and sold the replacement pair.
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