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eBay bidding survey

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Dear audio lover,

I am a university student at Estonian Business School (EBS) and am studying bidding on eBay (my eBay username is: rasmus.quietstorm) for my Bachelor´s thesis. One part of the thesis consists of a survey in order to get input from people who have used eBay. I sought permission from eBay to post a similar topic to their Discussion Boards but for some reason they did not allow me. Fortunately I got some responses before they closed my already posted topic but unfortunately i didn´t receive many responses and am now seeking help from here

If you have used eBay, I really need your help and ask you to please fill the following questionnaire which is part of the thesis. It consists of 15 questions that should take only about 15 minutes of your time but will provide me and the future readers of the Bachelor’s thesis with valuable information.

Your answers will be kept confidential and they will be generalized. Most of the questions are already supplied with answers where the best possible answer(s) should be chosen from. When no answer is provided, please add it yourself.

Link to the survey:
Survey Bidding on eBay -

Thank you in advance!
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i filled it out .... you can PM me if you have any specific questions
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Filled out, hope it helps.
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Filled it out. I bid last minute and use ebay for cheaper items both new and used... I would be surprised if the majority doesn't follow this approach.
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Done. Good luck.
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Done! Hope the Info helps!
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I filled it out too!
Good luck!
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Done. God I'm THAT bored.
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I filled it out. Nice survey.
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One more for you to read
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I think we have similar theories about ebay's business model.

I think ebay is designed to entice irrational, emotional behavior in it's buying community.

My objective is not to win but to acquire at a low price, so my strategies have to play against irrational bidding. ebay is the best place to do this because it is the largest available marketplace, in spite of the prevalence of irrational behavior.

Ever notice how ebay is all about "winning"?
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I filled it out with some detailed answers, I hope it helps.
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Wow, this is just amazing!
The survey has received more valuable answers in 24 hours than it did in 6 days when it was posted to eBay discussion board before the topic was closed.

Many thanks, guys/gals!

I agree, there is so much irrational behavior in eBay due to people´s emotions.
However, there is a large amount of eBay users who´s objective is not to win but to acquire at a low price as well. For this, people use for example sniping, either by hand or by using sniping software. The practice of sniping, however, is of questionable value, whether it´s totally evil or not. I do have a feeling that eBay would be more "friendly" when it only had an auction format with extended closure.
I think I understand which of the respondent answers are from you. Thank you for your thorough input! And also others, who gave interesting detailed answers

The link to the survey is still active:
Survey Bidding on eBay -
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filled it out. Good luck
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GL on your thesis. Filled it out
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