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MD or PJB100? Help me out

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I have a question.
I am thinking to buy a portable player and and can't decide on
whether I should get MD player or PJB100
PJB100 is a player made by Compaq, using HDD just like iPod.
It has 6.4GB model and 20GB model.
It seems as though people who have used the player are satisfied with the quality they are getting, so I am interested.
On the other hand, I am thinking about MD player, too.
It's smaller (PJB is a bit bigger than Walkman Cassette Player).
Has longer battery life.
I was thinking either Sony R-909 with Type-R engine or New MZ-N1 which has this feature of downloading from your computer.
(Net MD thing) and It also has Type-R engine.
Type-R engine is used for MD-Decks for better sound quality supposedly.
Well, both players have advantages and disadvantages.
Which do you think is better? Please, help me out here~!
By the way, I will be using with Porta Corda and either ER4s or ER-6 as the receiver.
Well, I will wait for you opinions.
See ya~!
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Although tempted by the PJB I personally would go with Sony NET MD - for the following reasons:

Smaller - probably much better made - Sony certainly know how to make excellent hardware generally.

Infinite Storage - OK you still have to carry a ****-load of MD's around with you to get the same amount of storage that the PJB offers but I don't think that's too much of an issue - in time you would get a good collection which will always grow - unlike the limited storage of the PJB.

Sound quality - ATRAC is outstanding. MDLP is also very good.

NetMD - High speed copying onto MD - about bloody time too Sony!

The only negatives I can think of is that I strongly suspect that the Sony MD players will not go anywhere near as loud as the PJB - if you have efficient headphones or an Airhead that's probably no real biggie either.
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You really have to decide what is more important to you:

1) Massive amounts of storage (access to lots of music all at once)


2) Sound quality, small size, battery life, sturdier -- true "portability"

If #1, then the PJB, if #2 MD.
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Whats the battery life on the MD player? I'm pulling about 8-10 hours on a full charge on my PJB. There are also reports of people using higher capicity batteries and tweaking this out a bit farther.

Also, mp3factorydirect.com is offering 30 and 40 GB versions of the PJB so there are options past 20 GB. Yes, I filled my 20 GB since I got mine in September. I'll probably be upgradeing the disk to a 40 GB in Jan.

For me I wanted to haul around *all* of my CDs everywhere I went as I never know what I'm going to be in the mood to listen to from moment to moment. Even the MP3 capable PCDPs didn't offer enough choice.

As for the sound quality the PJB does not have a line out so you're stuck with the headphone jack (unless you want to pull apart and modify your new toy). It does have a lot of power! 50mW per channel!! That's probably not enough to push HD600s or k-501s but it's plenty. Also the PJB ships with Koss Portapro headphones which are damn good! I always thought headphones were crap before hearing these and that's how I found my way here.

If you do get a PJB, you will probably still want to get an amp like the Porta or TA. The PJB has a digital volume control that increases the noise floor as the volume is decreased. This can mask some of the subtleties in a mix. I use a Porta with the PJB cranked to the max. It's amazing the amount of detail that is provided with this combo. The synergy is quite good. So good, in fact, I was forced to re-rip all my CDs and re-encode them with a higher quality encoder!

If you have a decent collection of music and want access to it anywhere at anytime, go with the PJB, you will not be dissappointed. Otherwise the MD would be the way to go.
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My personal preference is MD. I have a MP3 player which has good sound quality and other nice features and I realize a hard disk MP3 player has some other advantages. But most people I have encounter who have used MD for any amount of time and I think the majority of MD owners on this forum, prefer MD. And with NetMD, some of the advantages of MP3 players are not as pronounced.

There are a number of things you may use your MD for that you might not have considered. Most MP3 players don't record or do so marginally. I use my MD to record music and talk shows off the radio, LP2 does well for FM music, I record music programs from public and college FM stations. The LP4 mode (5hr) is good for talk or informative shows. I also put some of my old out of print LP records (remember them) on MD. Sure you can put them in your computer sound card, but I've found that the analog in on sound cards is not that good, especially compared to the line in record capabilites of MD. I do have a digital input sound card, but then you need to get the analog into a digital format and then output it to the computer card. I can do this and it sounds much better than the analog input, but it is much more complicated than to simply record on to MD. Also you can use a mike and get decent live recording of concerts, even classes or meetings. Another thing you should consider, you could end up like me and use MD for a home deck. The newer home decks with Type R encoding and the better ADC processors sound very close to CD. When I do a digital copy to MD and then play it back and compare the CD on my DVD player, I perfer the MD. Because the electronics in my MD are superior to the audio section of my DVD.

But for some people a hard disk player is just what the doc ordered. But since you asked the question....
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Whats the battery life on the MD player?
The average MD player gets around 40-60 hours on a charge nowadays. My player gets 66 -- that's the advertised time, and I believe it. I've had it for around 9 months, I think, and I've recharged the batteries fewer than ten times
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I've used my E900 this entire college semester, and it still has two out of four slashes of battery life left. I'll leave the jaw dropping to the rest of you.
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Vertigo, do you have a roomate? The reason I ask...a little story: When I was in high school, my auto shop teacher had a next door neighbor who used to brag about the gas milage he could achieve by tuning his engine (my teacher was more into power). So my teacher started sneaking over there at night and putting gas in his neighbor's car, a little more each time, until the neighbor's car seemed like it was using no gas at all! A great prank. So maybe someone's been secretly charging your player...

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I use a Nomad Jukebox (Creative labs DAP) AND MD.
Two different beasts.

The PJB100 is too expensive.
6gb is just not enough for me, so 20gb is an expensive requirement.

Batteries: If you are going to use the PJB100, you should buy an external charger for it and a few spare batteries. More expense.

If the PJB100 crashes, or your computer for loading crashes, you may be out all your music library. With MD, if your player quits, you just replace it. As long as your MD's dont' fail (unlikely) or you don't misplace your MD's, you have your music collection.

The MD music library has some bulk, but is unlimited, changable, and tradable.

If you will use the device mainly for work, the jukebox is handy, as it has all your music in one small device. Battery life is only issue.

Value: having the PJB100 stolen or lost or dropped (damaged) is very very expensive. MD is much cheaper to replace.

MD can be recorded from computer (slow) or real time in a regular audio system. Jukeboxes need a computer, with software, firmware, and special cables.

When your AA battery based MD player battery empties, you buy one AA battery at any location in the world. Your PJB100 Battery goes dead, and you have no way to charge it, well, no music.

I would LOVE to have a PJB100. To me, it is best of breed. But it's too pricy. For the price of a PJB100 here in the USA, I can get a Classic brand 10gb jukebox (very small) for $280, and a MD unit/recorder, and a bunch of minidiscs. And if they are defective, I just go back to the store and exchange them. PJB100 is mail order.

I love my Nomad Jukebox. The only problem with it is battery life.
I get about 3-4 hours on it. But it uses 4aa batteries, so I can charge and buy spares no problem. You can't use alkaline batteries on a NJB, it is too power hungry.

Oh year, the Classic jukebox was $280, but the NJB 6gb was on sale recently , with rebate, for $180. That's the price of an MD recorder.

I use all the portable toys. They each have their place.
I think MD is great for most people. The only problem with most portables now is headphone output power. They have dropped most power to 5mw a channel. Not great.

You may want to add the cost of a portable headphone amp.
Or good headphones.
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