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Although I do see ClieOS opinion on Sleek being 2 steps behind, I guess I fail to see the correlation with IEM advancement.  I mean BA technology is just reworked old hearing aid technology and dynamics are what they are.  Sure, you can tweak the sound to make the sound specific, but I don't see that as advancement.  Sure, you can add exotic materials like carbon fiber, titanium .etc, but in the end, it just an IEM that will sound like the way it's manufactured to be.  Other than Phonak, I believe Sleek is the only one with changeable filters, but Sleek also has the wireless technology at a fairly consume level price.  If anything, when Sleek came out, they were ahead of the game.  Fast forward now, sure you have more drivers, but like Phonak with the PFE232, it chose two, but very unlike Phonak, it appears that Sleek wisely priced it within respectable range.  From what I read about the PFE232, with its dual driver it appears to be proof that you don't need more drivers for really good sound.  Also, like other IEM names in the playing field, Sleek does have its own line of custom IEM. 

You feel it that way because you are in the game (of chasing IEM) much like most of us here. I won't exclude myself out of the game but there is one thing I think I have the advantage of - that is I have been collecting IEM since late 2005 and have observed how the market, as well as how we value IEM change with time. Just about two~three years ago, there is no such thing as $200 top-tier (or if you like, lower top-tier / upper mid-tier), $500 never get you beyond an entry level dual driver custom and a 4 drivers custom that cost almost $1500 was the king of the hill. But things sure have changed now. There is no Westone 4, SE535, K2 SP, EX1000, PFE232, etc on the market when SA7 was announced, and now they have surpassed what we used to believe was the best sound quality a few years ago. Not to mention now we also have more than a handful of sub-$200 IEM that are really excellent sounding on their own right - these are all competitions that SA7 has to face because of its delay, because customer who were willing to pay $400 for SA7 1.5 years ago probably already used that money for something that is half the price yet capable of competing closely to those that cost double. The game isn't the same when SA7 was announced, and that is the advancement I am talking about, not just purely on the tech side but also the value side of the IEM market. This is why I has said, "Time is going against Sleek Audio on this".


I am wholeheartedly hope that SA7 will be as good, if not better than what I think it will be. But the reality is, Sleek Audio might find itself in an unfamiliar place again when they come back to the universal IEM market because how much the environment has changed.


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Well, I guess I can't relate to someone with over 250+ earphones, if I recall and read your post right.  Honestly, I never will, but you and a few others here have taken the IEM hobby on a totally higher level, again a level I will never reach.  Before I got into this hobby, the only universal IEM brands I knew about was Etymotic and from your list above - Shure, and Sony.  I think we can thank Apple and the rise of portable daps for creating a big wave of IEMs products from various brands to feed the demands of soft/hardcore audiophiles, musicians, and professionals in the music engineering industry. 


Yes, I do hope Sleek meets or exceeds our expectations and be relatively accurate on when their new products will be ready for consumer purchase.  I applaud them for moving their manufacturing operations state side, and excuse some of their tardiness with the release of their new products, but from a introduction of a new product hype, I agree that 1.5 years is way, way too long to bring a new idea to market, especially for products that have predecessor models. 



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I don't see the advancement in their segment. We have cheaper stuff really upping their game and we have customs really adjusting prices favorably. In that middle niche we have Jays and UE being stagnant, Shure with only a minor upgrade in the 535, Westone 4 which is better but not setting the world on it's ear, and few price droppings seen $1000+ AKG K3003, $800 CK100 Pro, $600 CKM1000, $600 PFE 323's.


My feeling is that they had an edge that they lost but they are not behind just yet. Sleek haven't previously held strict to the MAP like Grado(GR10 still $399, lol) so I'm sure you'll be able to get the SA7 at $350 at times or maybe even a little less. I see them being a good choice vs. the PFE or the new Sony's XBA or other phones provided they 1) are past the cable issues and 2) sound as good as the PFE 232. People will justify $50-$100 more than an XBA for detachable cables and real metal/carbon fibre over plastic and sound tuning and made in America etc. They're already justifying the PFE at $600.


They still offer all things you could want. Better size and isolation over something like the EX1000. Bass and treble tuning vs. PFE with only treble attenuation. Wireless which almost nobody has. Yes, I do see a ton more options out there now but if they do come out fairly soon they should be just fine.


I guess it is semantics though. Whether you mean the amount of the competition and how crowded the market is or what the competition is bringing to the table. They did miss the window on the better market but I think "steps behind" connotes that they are offering less than the current crop does.  

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Originally Posted by Andrew C View Post

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to take a moment to reassure everyone that we are definitely going to be releasing the SA6-Rs and the SA7s soon. Bringing manufacturing back to the United States had a few unforeseen set backs. But we are still working very hard to get a release date announced and hopefully will be announcing one within the next couple months.


We still have our SA7 email list in place that everyone can sign up for by sending an email to info@sleek-audio.com with the subject of "SA7 Interest". Customers on the email list will be receiving special discount codes, promotional deals, and the chance to preorder the SA6 and SA7 once we are ready to.

Hey Andrew, thanks for the feedback, I and I'm sure others definitely appreciate the attention to Head-Fi; we love VAL from VMODA for that very reason and a LOT of Head-Fiers buy his products because of that same accessibility and feel of connection with the company.

That said, you haven't actually told us anything new ;-) What does "soon" mean now?

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Any updates? blink.gif

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Idk...personally I forgive them to a degree because they are bringing jobs home. Still would like a timeframe though.

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Seems like even Sleek Audio's facebook is kinda dead since Feb 10th. I wonder if the SA7 is going to be delayed even further...

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