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FS - Ray Samuels Shadow

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I am selling my all-but-new (<25 hrs.) Shadow because I bought AKG 702s and quickly learned that the Shadow isn't strong enough to drive them. So, I bought RS's SR-71A because, on Ray's advice, it is the best of his portable devices for the K702s. As ever, he is correct. Short of the definitely non-portable Raptor, it meets my sonic needs perfectly.

So, although I would like to keep both, I can't quite justify hanging on the the Shadow for occasional use. For that reason, it's for sale now.

As said, it's as if new.

Contact me if you are interested.

(I figure you all know how good this little gizmo is.)

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Wrong forum
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where should I be?
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Originally Posted by bergman View Post
where should I be?
ebay. jk

amp forum
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photos and price please

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Is it still for sale and for how much?

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Long gone. It left last year.



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If anyone has a RS Predator for sale, let me know. I need a DAC.

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Hi there,


I have a 3rd hand Predator. I've only used it a dozen or some times. Honestly. It has a few knocks cosmetically, but hardware wise it still sounds great and works fine. Battery life is not bad. I dont know what a brand new one's battery life is like, but mine runs me for a few days of solid use. 


PM me or email ( if you want more info and photos. Im looking at selling for $300 US or near offer maybe. Im in Australia, postage at your cost.


cheers pete

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