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Don't forget to tell him to stay away from head-fi....

Or not. I need a local head-fier buddy somewhere remotely near my age! indecision


And someone to mess with for loving the iPad. I don't get its purpose.

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What kind of father are you, not having given him a set of JH16 Pro yet for Christmas? 

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Haha. Telling your kid to stay away from Head-Fi is like telling him that he doesn't need to go to college. Albeit you're going to have a massive hurting of your wallet; meh, I think it's worth it :)


Sometimes I think of all the stuff I could do and all of the things I could buy if I didn't spend it all on my equipment (or what I could buy if I sold everything right now). I'd never do it but it does cross my mind sometimes.


However I'm going to be a freshman in college this summer so I'm sure me and my equipment are going to have a lot of time together :)

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