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I am a proud father!

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My son FINALLY bought a decent set of IEM's for his MP! Why does this make me happy?

Well, he is on his 5th MP, a Zune HD. Every single one of these players he has used the stock buds or replaced the stock buds with $10.00 crap. What is sad about this is he is a full time employee at Best Buy and can get the IEM's and headphones for a REALLY good price. (it is insane the markup on this stuff)

So the other day I walked past his room and noticed he had a open box for the UE4's. i wept a little. He has finally grown up!
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i wish you were my father haha
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Thats not how my parents think
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Cute story.
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i thought for a minute you were going to say a ue11 open
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You should tell him he could have done a lot better. Give him a spanking and tell him to get some monsters or klipsch.
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Hahaha well it's a start. I'm surprised you haven't tried convincing him to get better phones or something.
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If he eventually turns up with a Sennheiser HD600 the amplifiers should follow soon, congratulations.
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are you kidding, I tried getting him to understand there are so much better items out there. He always acted like I was spending too much money.
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You are a lucky father...
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its just the beginning, wait and see after a few months.
maybe he is just saving up for the bigboys ^^,. i started with turbine and now saving up for for um3x.
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I assume you mean the SuperFi 4, rather than the ue 4?
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end all misery with a stax.
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give him a break hahaha, he ain't earning much..
when he does, he'll upgrade...
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