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Attention: ljokerl or Panasonic RP-HJE900 owners with UE tips.

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Hello, I recently purchased some of these cubic zirconia earphones and so far have not been disappointed. Only problem is that I was planning to spend about $20-50 and ended up going up to $109, haha. But I believe i made the right choice since I'm enjoying them so much. Everything everyone said about them has been dead on, and I think it is everything I wanted. It's all perfect, it does have a lot of treble (like everyone said..), but it's just right for me, I believe. And I like how they seem to make vocals in songs seem to stand out really well? But not like, in your face and annoying or anything, just right to fit together with all the other sounds. The bass is just awesome, just right and a very good quality.

Anyways that's just the basis of my thoughts I guess, getting off topic here. Basically I love them and think they're perfect (for me) and very musical, as everyone said. Special thanks to ljokerl, for making the multi-iem review thread and the huge post comparing these to some monster turbines (I think) and um.. I can't remember at the moment, but they were audio technica's (and the only earphones to get a 10/10 in sound from him.)

Getting off topic again, though. The reason I'm making this post is because I was thinking of getting the tips replaced, for more comfort, and ljokerl had in his multi-iem review post that he preferred the UE Single flanges, which I believe to be these? Ultimate Ears Replacement Tips - Earphone Accessories

And so I was thinking about purchasing them but wanted to know why ljokerl preferred them over the stock tips. Just because of comfort? Because it makes them sound better? (Even though I think that would be very hard to do.) I need all you guys' opinions, and if it is because of comfort, then how much more comfortable? And same about sound. Just tell me what you think. =)

EDIT: Ah.. also, one more thing, does anyone know where I could get a replacement cable for it incase mine breaks or something unfortunate happened to it? I looked around the forum and the only thing people could find weren't what originally came with it, and I was trying to find the stock cable.
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I use Sony Hybrids, and I'm very happy with the comfort and sound - easier to get on than the regular ones too!

amazon linky
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I found the UE tips to work best because the hybrids, my usual tip of choice, constrict the soundstage of the HJE900 for some reason, at least to my ears. Foam tips don't sound right and the stock tips didn't give the same flawless seal every time. I wish I could be more specific but it's been a while. All I can say is that I A:B'd all of the tips in my possession when I had the HJE900 and the UE singles came out on top.

And yes, they are the $9 single-flange tips under that link. If you don't want to spend that much you may want to post a thread on the sale forum here. I'm sure there are people who have spares.

Edit: Regarding the cable, I don't think the stock HJE cable or the Panasonic 'Premium' cable are available outside of Japan. The Sleek cable should work, or even their wireless acessory.
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x2 on the UE tips, the Hybrids have a smaller opening than the nozzle, IME that's the reason why the sounstage suffers.
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The trick is, you can only buy packs of 5 in one size, how annoying - with the hybrids I like the small on my pannies and the medium on my M6s, making it hard to tell what I'd like with the UE. Any suggestions? Anyone have more than one size spare that I can purchase, which seems likely given you can only buy packs of five in one size?
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Well, most tips aren't sooo specific. Joker recommended I try the meelec fit kit, which so far has been great for me. I do wish they had a fourth single flange size, as I would prefer something between the medium and large, but the medium single flange meelec tips still gives me the best sound I've gotten from these. I do quite enjoy the bi-flanges sometimes and can't decide which I prefer, but it seems the single flange just gives me a more 3D soundstage as opposed to a wider one, with a greater degree of transparency.

The stock tips are a bit rough and tough, aren't as comfortable. Soundwise, I can't detect any difference as it's been much too long since I lost my stock tips. The hybrids are great tips overall and aren't bad on the CZs(give them a slightly warmer signature while sliightly attenuating treble and compressing soundstage), but not quite as good as the stock tips, despite being hyper comfortable.

So this is what I'm currently using: MEElectronics Original Eartips for M11 Earphones (5 pieces set) (Clear)

As far as I know the UE tips aren't made of some secret material, so this shouldnt be far off from their sound at all; it's probably almost identical.
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Well seeing as I have a meelec M6, I just grabbed the medium tip out of that bag. The sound does seem very slightly more open, although the overall sig has changed a little. just getting used to it - not sure I like it as much. Suddenly I'm considering the foam mode everyone's mentioned..
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Ok, just a note - something I just discovered. You may have seen me criticizing the HJE900's sub bass, primarily because there are certain tracks, particularly Massive Attack, which have a sequence of very low notes. I noticed that as they descend, they lose power - the notes, which are played at the same volume on the track, are quieter the lower they go.

Now that I've switched to more open tips, they are consistent right the way down. Probably not all the way, but it corrects the noticeable defect I was EQing to compensate for.

I guess, while the Hybrids are comfy, they are not so good for the HJE900. The soundstage is definitely increased as well, and I've grown accustomed to the changed sig. Yet to try the foam mod.
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Glad to hear you're getting used to it! I actually semi foam modded mine, mostly for driver protection though, as my filters had fallen out. I'm using so little foam I can hear no difference in the sound sig. Well maybe a tinyyyy bit less treble sparkle and a tinnyyyy bit less harshness, but there's no way I can say that with certainty. Either way certainly not a bother.

Oddly, i've seen an increased sounstage since the mod. Which seems absurd to me, but as I said in the appreciation thread, I'm not complaining. I'm almost sure it's just a mental thing, or just the tracks I've been listening too, but I like it.

As for sub-bass, I agree. It might just be that hybrids seem to emphasize that regular bass hump, but I also think I remember reading that having too small a nozzle, while good for bass, can be counter-productive to the lowest bass. Or something like that, Idk, but my impressions agree with yours :P
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Holy thread resurrection, Batman! :)

Ahem, about them tips: does anyone here own both the UE and the Meelec tips? Could someone who does share with us which of the two they think is more comfortable, or best sounding with the HJE900?
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Well, I have both sets of tips but no HJE900 to test them with . When I had them I preferred the UE tips of the dozen or so that I tried, but I don't remember if Meelec  tips were among that number.

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the thing about that everyone's ears are shaped differently..

the stock tips were the perfect tips for me and i've preferred them with every IEM i've had ever since

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Do the M9 and M11 tips have the same diameter opening as the M6?  I need large diameter bi-flanges.

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M9/M11 bi-flanges aren't really tight on the M6 nozzle. The fit fine on all of the UE-size (5.5mm) phones.

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