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RE0 or HJE900 for rock?

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Yes, i've read all the posts on these IEMS

I just can't decide!

Anyway, I need a new IEM since my MylarOne X3 have the infamous bass burnout. I loved the sound of those when they were new if that helps. I'll need them for air travel and generally out of the home.

I really like my HD650 and my KSC-75s. I also have the HD580 but prefer the 650 for the bass if that helps.

I listen to mainly rock, metal, thrash and jazz (beebop and hardbop).

I'm not a bass head, but bass is very important to me especially with drums. I need the impact. That's why I worry about the RE0 not having enough bass.

I also worry about both the RE0 and HJE900 being too bright. I don't like the Grado bright sound. I prefer Senns rolloff. I even like the KSC-75 sparkly highs as long as the treble is not sharp or harsh.

Actually, an IEM that sounds like the KSC-75 would make me happy. Nice soundstage, punchy bass, natural mid range, sparkly highs (not harsh!). I'm open to other suggestions. Limit $150 please!!
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The HJE900 isn't bright, and while I haven't tried the RE0s, the HJE900 seems to be pretty solid in terms of playing rock.
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Since you "need the impact" with low-end, I'd say go with the HJE-900s.
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I have both and much prefer the HJE900 for rock. Don't think you'd be disappointed.
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x4 in the HJE900 for rock. I think their highs are slightly agressive out-of-the-box, but smoothen out over time. Plus you can tame them with foam filters if you want.
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RE0 can play rock very well with the stock large double flange tips, but the tips may be too large for smaller ears. RE0s also require a neutral or slightly bright source to sound good with the double-flanges. With overly warm and/or powerful sources, they may have too much bass and low mids with these tips. With other tips I tried, RE0 gives a more hi-fi, neutral type of sound that works for all types of music if you are not too picky, but may not provide enough "bite" to guitars for rock or oomph in the bass for dance, trance, hip-hop and genres like that to make them sound exciting enough for many people, especially if you are used to listening to cheap, inaccurate speakers/headphones with a peaky frequency response. Also, RE0 will need a good source and preferable a dedicated amp to sound good, with the exception being if you use it with the stock large bi-flanges which makes it sound really good even with weak portable sources as long as, like I mentioned before, they are not too warm.
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I don't know about RE0. But not HJE900 - the decay fades too fast, I like my guitar lingers a bit; you might like it if you call it speedy. If you have to choose from those two...
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I do have a portable amp I can use (mSeed Spirit), but I'd rather not if given the choice.

As far as accuracy is concerned - many would argue that the HD600 (HD580) are more accurate (flat response) headphone than the HD650, but I definitely prefer the 650 for the speaker-like bass response.

I'm sure I'll like the HJE900 too, but I am a bit concerned about the slightly aggressive highs. I had the MS-1 headphones once and they killed my ears!

I am open to other options though. Are there other that I'm missing in the <$150 range that meet my requirements?

Oh yeah, my ears are small, btw.
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^ I forgot to add that the RE0's highs are even more aggressive IMO. BTW, after applying that little foam mod, my HJE900's highs sound very refined and pleasant.

However, if you prefer the Senn's rolloff, you should perhaps look into the IE7, if you can get them for a good price. I haven't heard them though.
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I really like the highs on the HJE900, don't find them harsh at all. I did a pretty good burn in effort in the first week, maybe that helped? They are very 'present' if you know what I mean, but doesn't overpower me at all. I also have the M6s and these seem to have a lot more top-end clarity.

I'm a bit sensitive to high volumes so I listen a bit lower than others might, too.

Anyway, HJE900, fo' real. Good impact, well made, great clarity. But I haven't tried the RE0s, so I can't compare, I can just say you'll have a lot of fun with the pannys.
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@james: whenever you discuss about the RE0 I feel like you are mentioning a completely different phone! The things I've heard from them have been completely different than what you have said about them

I would probably choose the HJE900 however even thought I haven't heard it. It sounds like a better match from what I've read about it. The RE0 is probably not what you want based on your first post of wanting bass impact and Senn rolloff. The cable on the RE0 sucks imo and it has replaceable cables so you can't go wrong with that.
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@rawster: I'm aware of that and that's why I asked the owner (dfkt) if something was wrong with my borrowed RE0. He replied that they were in perfect condition and unmodded, so I'm going to stick to what my ears tell me about their highs:
- extended: infinitely!
- detailed: you bet!
- refined: no way! you may not notice it so much with Rock or such, but they are harsh and unpleasantly squeaky in the higher ranges. I invite all RE0 followers who doubt that to listen to this classical piece. I know it's not the best quality, but 191kbps ogg is good enough to hear what I mean.

Bottom line: almost all of my mid and top-tier IEMs present a violin concerto like this more pleasantly than the RE0.
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Unfortunately I don't have the RE0 anymore to try it out :P I wanna try out the HJE900 however :P At $120 or so I'm kinda tempted since the store is so close to where I am. I got a phone thats good at treble and another good at mids. Only thing that's missing the bass lol. My reasoning could be that I have 2 sets of hybrids that are lonely since they aren't getting any use.
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^ Wow, bass doen't get much better than with the e-Q7 IMO! BTW the Hybrids are not ideal for the Panas, they affect the soundstage.
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