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My EHHA-B22-o22 Build Log - Page 4

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Wow does this look awesome. If it sounds half as good as it looks...!

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Thanks guys.  I've got a little issue with mounting the volume control I need to figure out.  Once that's done, I should be able to put on the knobs, and close her up!

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Well, one year later this project is officially complete.  I'm extremely happy with how it turned out.  Not only does it sound spectacular, but it looks the part too!  Not bad for my second DIY project.


Now some pictures:


















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Thanks to Alex, Johnwmclean, Sachu, and Holland for helping this newbie along the way.  You guys definitely helped make this happen!

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brilliance!! ..newbie ?? haha..i have a few lessons to learn from you and john if you ask me. TOp notch builds. I am very envious of both the EHHA you guys have built. FInally some justice to this great great amp.

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Horio that is a DIY masterpiece. Congratulations on a remarkable achievement. Your EHHA log thread now stands as an inspiration for others.

Sachu, just to add to Horio’s comments you’ve helped a lot of people get through their builds it’s great community spirit. Thanks to you mate.

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Horio : This is indeed a glorious build. Congrats!


I would also like to chime in the chorus & acknowledge the immense help sachu has provided on my EHHA builds. Cheers to you mate!




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Top notch! This will go into my bookmark list for future reference!

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We are not worthy :) Awesome build, absolutely gorgeous.


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Thanks everybody for your kind words.  I'm really happy with how this project went.  Some of you may recognize the top panel design from John's build.  John had a spare from his build, and he was nice enough to send it over to me.  I also borrowed his backlit knob layout.  If you are going to use Front Panel Express, and are thinking of doing a backlit knob, shoot me a PM and I can give you advice on how to do it.  Now I wait for my quad of 6GM8 Telefunkens to arrive!


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WOW!!! excellent!!!!

i really like



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I was able to get some listening time on this amp yesterday. WOW! It sounds simply amazing with HD800s and LCD2s. Once you put on the HD800s it almost seemed like you were right there in the hall with the symphony playing only for you. Huge soundstage, great detail, deep, tight, and not overbaring bass... what more can you want? I've never heard the HD800s sound as good.


A little tube rolling and this baby will really shine.

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any update..did you get to listen to it with the teles yet?

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This is one great looking build.  I would love to know how it sounds with T1's.  I'm tossing around several amp ideas for new builds and this one seems to have everything I want.  And it looks very professional. 

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This amp looks absolutely stunning! I hope you keep working on new diy projects!

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