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My EHHA-B22-o22 Build Log - Page 3

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Looks nice, Horio.

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Finished casing the power supply box today, and I'm really happy with how it came out.  Voltages look good, and its ready to rock.  Time to start the final assembly of the EHHA box.


Some power supply photos.









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damn dude..taht is one sick looking power supply..kudos indeed..looking forward to seeing this complete ..



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That's a nice looking build.  The 2 power switches are interesting.  The heater supply doesn't look familiar.

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That is amazing! The top panels have also had FPE treatment? 


holland I think the heater is this: http://glass-ware.stores.yahoo.net/hps1.html



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Your right John, the heater is from Glass-Ware, and I had vent slots machined by FPE above the o22 and heater supply heatsinks.  I made some progress on assembling the EHHA box last night.  I'm planning to work on it some today as well.  I need to solder on the air-wired tube sockets, and start the final wiring.  I'll post of picture of what I get done later today.

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Finished wiring the sockets to the EHHA boards.  Tried to keep the wires short while providing enough length for access.  Looks a little funny, but I think it will do the trick.  Here's a photo.



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So the EHHA made music for the first time yesterday.  I set the gain to 5x (10x balanced) per John's recommendations, and it has the the juice to power my K1000's without a sweat.  So far I'm really liking what I'm hearing.  Getting very close now to finishing this one off.  Here are some progress photos:





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goddamn..that is probably one of the best looking EHHAs yet. looking forward to see what you got planned for the to plate.


What is the chassis btw?

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Thanks Sachu,


The case is a pair of Hifi2000 2U slimline cases.  They are nice a roomy and like even better in person if you ask me.  I will definitely use them again on my next project.

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I am really digging the case design. Will have to hit you up for some info :) 

Those would be perfect to use in my phono + preamp build.


If you are looking for a quad of telefunkens let me know and i'll make you a deal.


That amp deserves them.


Is it MOSFET output or BJT? Please tell me that it is BJT. :P




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It's running with MOSFET's at the output.  I've been bidding on Telefunken's on Ebay, but haven't had any luck yet.  I'll send you a PM shortly...smily_headphones1.gif

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Take my advise on this..i don't know why people are still building the mosfet version without checking out what the BJT version sounds like.


Build it with Toshiba 2238/968 outputs if you can. Vastly better. Just so much more involving and organic sounding.

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So, Sachu, do you have some sets of 2238/968 to spare? wink.gif  I have found Steinchen's old Jisbos chart (Note 2) interesting: http://www.diamondstar.de/jisbos/jisbos_partslist.html  I've loved my BJT build, even with the stock output devices.


Oh, and Horio - exceptional build!





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Now that’s just porn.


The backlit perspex ready pops on those beautiful black panels, the workmanship is stunning.

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