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My EHHA-B22-o22 Build Log - Page 2

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Nice!..I just got done with finishing up an EHHA build myself a half hour ago.listening to it now. Had the parts lying about for ages and some boards i picked up from wiatrob a while back. Finally got around to it.
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Originally Posted by sachu View Post
Nice!..I just got done with finishing up an EHHA build myself a half hour ago.listening to it now.
I'm jealous...

Hopefully I can get this thing tested and running in a couple weeks, even if its not in a chassis.
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Work has slowed on the build since I started working again, but I thought I'd post an update.

I received my transformers from Sumr this weekend. I went with (2) 120VA/30V transformers to power the o22's, a 50VA/12V for the heater, and a 30VA/12V for other miscellaneous components. I decided to splurge and have to 120VA transformers potted. Sumr did a nice job with all these units.

I also received my (4) 6GM8's and tube sockets from Tubeworld last weekend. Set me back a few pennies, but these tubes are hard to come by these days. I had an issue with the heatsink pins lining up with holes on the boards. I ended up buying a new set of sinks without pins from AMB to get around this. I may end up trying to rig some sort of pin to give a little extra safety in case I bump them. Here are the finished boards:

I had enough time to populate a pair of e24/o25 for the power chassis. One board will control the dual mono o22's, and the other will control the heater supply.

I have a pair of Conrad flanged heatsinks for use with the 30V power supplies. I will work on mounting the o22 boards to the heatsinks as soon as my new cordless drill shows up. After I test the boards and power supplies, I think I may shift my attention to finishing my CK2III/gamma2 build for the next couple weeks. I want to see how the casing goes with that build before I tackle this one. I'm using hifi2000 cases for both builds.

That's all for now, enjoy!
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Can't wait to see these finished. I'm considering a CK2III for my next build. β22 is on the way in the future list.
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Yeah, I know what that's like. a Beta22 is like a golden treasure on the horizon. For me, it's scheduled to be what I build when I finally graduate and get a job. I hope the job market will be pretty open in five or so years.

I built a CKK-iii first. Casework is currently a digikey box, Plexiglas will be cut after some finals. (I have a 3-day break before my last (really easy) final) drilling will be @home. It was relatively easy, and close to problem-free. It's taking me a bit to dial in the trimpots, but I remain patient.

(reminds me: I have to buy a decent DMM before I go home)
on topic: I'm glad to see the build is really coming along for you. I'm always a sucker for pretty pictures, and these are pretty, indeed. Keep up the great work!

I see you have the sigma24 +epsilon24, very snazzy. Still no sign of the beta22 boards populated, but I'm sure it will come.

You -may- want to finish a samller build first, particularly if this one needs "time off". I don't know the circumstances, but it might be fun to case up the CKK-iii or something, and marvel at it for a while.

keep up the great work!
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Dorkvader, I'm glad you've been enjoying the pretty pictures. Good to know that my fancy camera (Canon 5D + 24-105L) is doing something right.

I'm going to be setting this project aside for a little bit, while I finish casing up my CKKIII/gamma2 build is the plan. I need a second decent headamp, so I'd like to get it finished up. I am also going to do the casing of the CKKIII in a similar fashion to my EHHA-B22-o22 build. I'll be using this amp to see how it turns out.

I want to completely finish the EHHA and Power Supply units before I tackle the B22. I figure in 2-3 months, perhaps I'll get going on the Beta. I need a little time to replenish my funds if you know what I mean...
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It's been a long time since an I've posted an update on this project.  I got sidetracked from this project for a while, but I've jumped back onto and I'm getty very close to finishing up the first part of it!  I now have the o22 up and running, and just finished the initial setup of all (4) EHHA boards.  The panels for both the o22 and EHHA chassis are off at Front Panel Express.  I'm hoping to get them back before next weekend, so I can start casing everything up.  Here are a few pictures of my testing (sorry about the iPhone quality):





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It’s great to see more updates and looking very good! So all 4 boards are online now?


The anticipation must be killing your now that you so close. 

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Looks really nice. Nice DMM

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Another update.  I spent some time yesterday testing and adjusting the e12 muting circuits, and Joshua Tree attenuator.  Everything is now running properly and ready to go.  Today I worked on mounting the power supply components to the chassis base (the front and rear panels are at FPE and should arrive later this week), and some of the wiring.  It was a very tight fit, but I was able to make it work.  Here are some more crappy iPhone photos (I promise to take nice ones at the end):





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that is looking like one mighty impressive build horio. :)

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Thanks guys.


After starting this project almost a year ago and getting side tracked by several others, I am really looking forward to finishing this build.  The recent Bay Area Head-Fi meet really helped get me excited by headphones again (I had been distracted by my regular stereo stuff).  That coupled with the new K1000's I bought, have given me all kinds of motivation.


I'll keep you guys up to date with the progress.  I hope to finish this build in the next couple of weeks.


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Looks good, Horio.  Glad to see you trying to finish these projects that you mentioned you were working on.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the amps!

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Inspirational, Horio. I just dug out my Balanced EHHA, sitting for over a year had caused it to lose a Q1/Q2 mirror pair! Fixed that and have been listening with JH-13pro balanced and Late Senn 600's SE. Truly a jewel... Looking forward to your project completion, I need to rewire and finish my case work as well.



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I received my panels last night, and they look great.  Front Panel Express really did a nice job.  I have the o22 power supply pretty much all boxed up.  Just need to finish wiring the power switches to the epsilon24 boards, and then its on to casing/wiring the EHHA box.  I will try to post some pictures tonight.


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