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Ever experienced your love one getting caught in frenzy with a brand new interest you share?

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Hey people

My arm still hurts and I slept very poorly this night and to make matters worse when we came down to the car this morning some #¤&%/" punk had key-chained one side of our green metal coated Mazda 2 we just got 1½ year ago
Well the feat I'm about to tell still amaze me no the less:

I was at Easter dinner which is traditional here in Denmark regardless of religious beliefs (well if you count having to try the Easter beers – that’s something most adults believe in ). There my cousin had a dutch handball team mate with from his team and my other cousin of about the same age was also there. Since a Wii was in the vicinity as there are everywhere but at my place these days the 3 of them started fighting it out.
After a while my fiancé who haven't really played any electronic games more than once or twice a year on our PS3 (since Grand Tourism is still late) joined them to try her first Wii match.

She just wouldn't let go - my parents and aunt even started jokingly worry about a Wii injury. After I while I figured out that if I requested a match with my cousin she had to let go for a sec so I did. I found it just as fun in the company of others as usual and with my cousin the 3 of us kept going all night despite we knew it would hurt later. Only question not regarding game tactics from my better half later that night was whether we should buy PS3 Move or a black Wii motion plus with Ravin' Rabbits and Wii fit
Time will tell...
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Originally Posted by Gamerphile View Post
Hey people

My arm still hurts
Usually a bad way to start a thread!

But it's great that you two had so much fun together, it's something that, sadly, not many experience much.
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Landis^ 666post
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Lol. Wii has a completely different kind gameplay than PS3/360; less challenging and more fun for some; it's a different experience. Not sure, is the Move is going to try be more like Wii?
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Well for me something like ravin rabbits and more Wii like game would be my primary reason for buying Move instead of Wii as I trust the grapichs would be a bit better for our 40" real from behind in zones LED LCD-tv rather than the poor Wii grapichs. But Wii games are a ton better - don't think adult gaming with controls is gonna work well with the delays at the moment with motion controls etc. Many MMO's movement and combat systems is already close to turn base IMO - I just have been to work shops about the latest tech in motion sensors a few weeks ago and even the stuff a good deal better than Wii plus is still not near mouse and keyboard instant etc.
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That's hot. If only my SO had a genuine, frenzied interest in gardening. Of course, she's hardcore into biking and I just like to peddle around and pick berries and stuff, so it all evens out.
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Nice story, glad to see you guys got to do that together. And mine isn't really an experience, it's more music related. My girlfriend has always loved Lady Gaga... and I mean LOVE Lady Gaga and she's always telling me to listen to her music and going on about how great she is.

About 2 months ago I didn't care for her and listened to my music because it was "better" (just messing with her of course ) and one day while in walmart I picked up the Fame Monster for the hell of it and the result? I was completely obsessed with her music for about a month.
I talked about it in school, to her, and everyone who would care to listen. I still listen to her music but just not as much, most of my time is taken up by classical and acoustic now
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It happens to me with TV shows and books.

A couple years ago, not long after she had just finished 12 years of the American public educational system forcing her to read so many outdated and irrelevant novels that she had no more interest in reading (which is unfortunately the case for most people I know).

I was and have always been an avid reader, but she wasn't interested in books at all. One weekend, we were hanging out, and she was bored, so I'm like "Hey, want to read a book?" and after a couple minutes of back-and-forth about how she doesn't like books, she agreed to try reading one on her own, not because the school required it. So I walked over to my bookshelf in my room, and grabbed an old copy of Clive Cussler's "Inca Gold" that I had read in 6th grade, and gave it to her. After some hesitation, she read it.

I unleashed the beast. It's maybe 2 years later, and she has read all of Clive Cussler's "Dirk Pitt" books, most of Michael Crichton, and several Ian Fleming. She finishes each book within 3 weeks, and has stolen my library card. She has told me she plans to read a lot of Clive Cussler's other stuff over the summer, as well as try to jump into JRR Tolkein too. I'm trying to work her up to the Sword of Truth and the Dark Tower.

It's been one of those things that I've always been interested in, and she wasn't really, until one day I finally gave her an interesting book, and now she's getting caught in a frenzy over it.
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