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University Options:


Okay, I spent the afternoon checking out options (sadly this was one of my more productive days in the last little while) and here's what I got:


- The labs I have cardkey access to are a no-go.  I'd get in trouble, so sorry but I can't risk it for this.


- The library workrooms I can book for free are probably no good.  They have 1 long table that seats 8 chairs, and 1 x 4 socket outlet.


- We can rent rooms, which would be private, so I went and checked them out and counted outlets:

$40/day flat rate - best option has 5 x 2 socket outlets, and probably desks/chairs to sit a class of 20 (that could be rearranged)

$20/hr, no min hrs - has 6 x 2 socket outlets and tons of desks/chairs that could be rearranged.


- Open spaces (i.e. free unless campus security decides to kick us out, but I honestly don't think that would happen as long as we're civilized).  But these aren't guaranteed to be unoccupied, but really, on a Sunday during Summer, I don't think this is an issue.


ES160 - what furyagain suggested, a couple large tables, not sure about outlets


ICT lobby (by the Good Earth coffee shop) - has a raised semi-circular counter/bar, with 6 x 4 socket outlets, and reasonable amount of seating


Engineering Lounge - has ample space, seating (some even kinda comfortable) and about 12 x 2 socket outlets.



I think the best option would be the Engg Lounge - the least likely to be used by anyone else, the most space, and a lot worse stuff has gone on in the Engg building (and it's a crappy old building unlike ICT), so I'd expect campus security to be a lot more willing to turn a blind eye.  2nd option ICT, 3rd option ES160.


Let me know what you guys think.

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all three location are pretty close to each others.


we can just pick one and meet first then if we don't like it , we go next>>


so when should we do ? like after noon ??


also who is going ???


By the way , yes

 I WILL go Sure go >

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So where is everyone meeting?

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i am good for anything..


about renting a room for 40 dollars for whole day,


i don't mind paying 20 dollars  of that,



if some people don't know how to get around in the university , we can meet somewhere else first for some people then go together>>>>>


i am really flexible...

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today is  23 th of may  2010 now


seems like  head-fier in calgary is not interest in a meeting in may...


Am i right ????


plz prove me wrong..


anyone still want to meet next week ?

 lets do a head count now///

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looks interesting......would like to know the venue first.


And sorry to hijack this thread but where in the city do you guys go to audition or buy your gear from?

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I'm still up for a meet, however this is what's happened to most Calgary meets.  For whatever reason Edmonton meets seem to have a better turn out.  (even from Calgarians).

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I agree.


i think people in Calgary just too busy for something else,


if anyone start a meeting , i will come , if not   i will not bother to try again.


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Thanks for trying to start the meet, just hold out for an Edmonton meet they seem to have great turnout and there's usually a few Calgarians making the trip so it's not too hard to find some company and/or a ride.

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I won't be able to make it tomorrow, sorry. I don't even think there's going to be a meet at all to be honest. I would like to have a meet later during the summer if we can get people to come, because I can't make a trip to Edmonton for a meet, I don't even have a car.

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I'd be interested in attending a meet this summer or fall.  I live in Calgary, so Calgary or Edmonton would work for me.

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I love to have a meeting too


it is just so hard to start one in calgary..


should we try again ?

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