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Very fatiguing to listen to after a while. I don't mind the talk-box, but it becomes boring and too repetitive after a while. Maybe that's why i cant stand T-pain and the like these days.
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I'm listening to their Live @ the Rex Club (1997)... absolutely amazing. Not a single fault in this album.

I own just about every Daft Punk album and there's maybe one or two songs that I dislike.
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absolutely love them albums+live albums+vinyl laying at my room
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Daft Punk are legendary. Their ideas and execution are top notch. It is sad to see them compared with the likes of new wave electro-trash. They are an inspiration to many, and are always ahead of the curve. Kings of electronic music.
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I like them, they're consistently good.. maybe not great, but definitely a cut above the rest. And they're doing the music to Tron Legacy.

Don't Care? - Don't Post..

What the heck ? Someone's not reading things right. OK I'll break it down.
While some (see below) feel it's arrogant for me to make a comment saying that if you don't care , then don't clutter up the thread with junk comments, I'm more of the opinion that if you don't care, then..
A. Why even bother to open the thread, and then post, and..
B. Why on earth would we care that you don't care?

Assuming ones apathy towards the band is so newsworthy that every one else would care? Now THATS arrogant. Heck if you could take them or leave them, say so. (and yes poster below, I see you don't like them, that's ok too.)
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Originally Posted by craiglester View Post
I like them, they're consistently good.. maybe not great, but definitely a cut above the rest. And they're doing the music to Tron Legacy.

Don't Care? - Don't Post..
Huh? That's quite arrogant of you to say that. You wouldn't be saying the same thing if you didn't like them. Last time I checked, you aren't the OP, and there clearly is a "hate" option in the poll. I am sure the OP would like to hear all sides of the spectrum. There is no need for this kind of post. I don't like them, but that is because I am not into that type of music.
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Yea, I meant to word the original post differently than it is, what I meant to ask is why electronic fans dislike Daft Punk, its completely understandable if electronic is not your 'thing' and I probably should have made a 'dont care' button but then again, Im curious why the people that don't care about Daft Punk would click on the post anyways... heh
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I don't 'love' them. I can't say I 'like' them either. And 'hate' is harsh word that does not exist in my dictionary. Let's put it this way, if I were to hear them on the radio or in a nightclub I don't complain. Maybe I'm simply impartial to Daft Punk?

Poll could have had better options, imo.
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There album Discovery is awesome, fav Daft Punk track has to be Veridis Quo
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Discovery is a great album and holds up. Good active/driving music and best digested as an album
Human after al (the followup) not so much.

Repetitive done properly can be quite good too (hello Philip Glass)

The guy behind LCD Soundsystem must think they are on to something. He had a song called Daft Punk is playing at my house. Also quite a good album
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Discovery is a crazy good album. I haven't heard much else by them, but that album alone puts me in the "Love Daft Punk" category.
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I used to listen Daft Punk when I was 13 years old-that "Homework" thing
Don't like any electronic music now
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What's a daft punk??????????
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Daft Punk are who originally got me into electronic music. I really prefer Homework over Discovery, and I would not consider them "geniuses" of electronica but they were what you could call some of the biggest worldwide acts in their time (and even now). Honestly, they have died down recently, I mean the last thing they came out with was Alive 2007 which was good, very good in some parts but honestly, I heard they spent 2 weeks making Human After All. I thought that album was OK, nothing very special. If they are planning on making a new album, I think they should spend a little over 2 weeks to make it, even though there was thought put into the album in terms of a back "story" for it.
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I'm a huge fan of Interstella 5555
I love them
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